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  1. "AHHHHHH" Khan Drogo awoke in a cold sweat, his sheets wet, himself frightened beyond all measure. He began taking deep breaths, not wanting to wake the Khanum somehow still asleep next to him. That's odd, he thought to himself, normally she wakes up when I have night sweats, and that scream was sure to wake her. Drogo felt around the bed and indeed, her side was just as wet as his. Yet still she did not move. Drogo thought this was very strange, as she had almost always awoken whenever he had night sweats, and never failed to awaken when he had screamed or when her side of the bed was damp as
  2. On a national level, the Crimean Khanate wishes to extend full diplomatic recognition to the Kingdom of Sparta. On a personal level, KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN Drogo would like to extend his own personal hand of friendship to the King of Sparta, inviting him to Sevastopol for a meeting, as the Palace in Bakhchisaray was as of yet unfinished, and would not be able to host visitors for at least another three years.
  3. Khan Drogo Institutes Mandatory Conscription BAKHCHISARAY - Standing in front of the ongoing construction of his massive palace, Khan Drogo announced today that Crimea would be instituting mandatory conscription for all males aged 18-40. The conscription rule will involve basic training for all those conscripted. Additionally, those seeking additional training or those deemed athletic enough will be placed in the advanced training for special operations depending upon how robust their condition is. He stated that the reason for this new law is "To ensure the safety of the entire K
  4. OOC: I was about to flip shit. Am I officially in or not?
  5. The Crimean Khanate acknowledges the existence of Constantinople, and extends recognition to the new state. As we both have significant interests in the occurrences of the Black Sea, we would also request a formal diplomatic meeting with the head(s) of state of the Second Rome.
  6. Classified The diplomatic team from Poland would be greeted with no great reception on the runway, as this meeting was to be secret. There would be no special accomodations made other than renting out the Khan Suite from the Four Seasons in Sevastopol. The capitol at Bakhchisaray was still under construction and would not be prepared to receive any visitors for at least two more years. If you review our factbook, you will find that while the Khan has final say over all decisions, he must get majority approval for all matters concerning war, tax adjustments, and infrastructure
  7. I second Lynneth and nominate JEDJCT
  8. Coat of Arms of the Crimean Khanate Capital - Bakhchysarai Largest City - Sevastopol Official Languages - Crimean Tatar, Russian, Ukrainian Demonym - Crimean Government - Constitutional Monarchy (single house parliament) ---- Khan has absolute authority over all decisions, but must get majority approval (50% +1) for declarations of war, tax adjustments, and infrastructure projects costing in excess of $1 billion Area - 27,000 km^2 (10,000 mi^2) Population - 2.4 million Population Density - 88.89/sqkm (240/sqmi) C
  9. Access to trade benefits, as well as military benefits. Does a nation need a reason to perform an action other than its economy? Fundamentally, every action a nation takes is due to its economy. And this is no different.
  10. The Crimean Khanate wishes to apply for membership to the European Community.
  11. Crimean Khanate Declaration of Existence This is a message to inform the world of the existence of a new state on the national level: The Glorious Golden Horde Khanate of Crimea, or Crimean Khanate for short. The territory we lay claim to will encompass the entirety of the Crimean peninsula. Our capitol will be centered on the ancient city of Bakhchysarai, which we intend to rebuild in all its former glory. Any and all embassies which foreign nations intend to set up will be located in this city. The Palace of the Great Khan will also be located in Bakhchysarai. It is our intent for this P
  12. [i]Classified[/i] [b]To: The Government of Legion From: The Office of the President of the Union of Guinea[/b] Because our normal foreign affairs representative for sensitive situations, John Olympio, will be in Khartoum for the foreseeable future, you may meet with the Vice President, Daniel Ouattara.
  13. It was at this point that John Olympio finally stood and spoke. "Mr. Mohammed," he said in a slightly condescending tone, "if you and the empire you represent accept that only might makes right, and that morality is of no consequence anymore, then why are you even here? Indeed, why are any of us here? No one of us could hope to stand up to Tianxia or Athens, or even Draka, yet here we are, negotiating and attempting to reason with one another, despite your claims that it is only might that can possibly triumph. "And Mr. Darren, if you do not recognize the right of a state to exist free
  14. When the message arrived at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was initially sent to the logistical department instead of directly to the minister. When the head of logistics got her hands on it, she assumed that the Minister already knew of it, and though she did find receiving a letter from another state odd, she simply shrugged her shoulders and booked a flight for the Minister himself. The Minister was unaware of the flight, until the day it was to be taken. Not being aware of any scheduled events this Saturday, the Minister was sitting at home in his robe checking his day planner, in
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