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  1. "With the collapse of the Countal government in Hesse, the population asks to be taken in by their German neighbors of Hanover. We welcome your governance with open arms."
  2. "Then your mind is blind if you don't believe me, but I will not come with you, I-" Sheiva paused when the rustling caught her ears. She jumped beside Knight and looked at him with narrow eyes. "They are searching for me, now they have found me. I will make you a deal, pig, if you keep these people away from me, I will come with you and answer your questions. But the answers I give you here, will be the answers I give to any of your superiors." Out of the underbrush, five creatures, with lithe green bodies and large eyes jumped out. They growled and beat their grotesque fingers into the di
  3. "If he was abducted by magic," she said pushing the energy blade aside with a gust of wind. "Then you are after the man I am fleeing from. Only my master, Yenros, possesses any power that surpasses mine. Your man will be there with him," Sheiva smirked, though the smile had a twinge of sadness and remorse, she had no reason to be coy now. "You can't reach him though, or even if you did, you wouldn't be able to rescue him. Yenros tore open the planar barrier, a dimensional gap if you will." Slowly the woman started to stand. "He was after a magic of unbelievable power, a devil from another
  4. The power that Knight possessed caught Sheiva off guard and when she figured that the entire Walled City would be brought down on him, she was instead thrown clear across the southern China, landing hard in a tropical jungle with the rain beginning to fall. Only a few moments later, Knight landed near her, panting heavily. She knew he didn't have much fight left, but she could barely stand up from the large ditch she caused through her dragging across the jungle. At Knight's last remark, Sheiva put up her hand and shook her head. "Don't come closer, we're both tired. Listen, what do you wa
  5. Sheiva felt the force of his body collide with her before she could sent a terrible gust of wind up the chute of the cyclone. The tornado vanished as she tumbled several feet across the alley, then pushed herself up and spit onto the ground. "Machines." Her eyes glowed again, looking in contempt at the generator in the man's chest. "You have no soul. I will have no feelings in crushing you." The wind blew again as she leaped up into another cyclone forming at her feet and wrapped one of the clotheslines around Knight's legs as she pushed him back into the wall. Gusts of wind blowing forcef
  6. Phaidor sat with Jake and the General and spoke softly. "You will not win this war by hiding behind your walls. If you are to defeat these barbarians, before they lay waste to your land, you must meet them out on the field. Or Shanghai will be left a burning carcass of what once was."
  7. Exhor sat as judge for the night as Vasryrne writhed on the bed of Tebinid. Her body drenched in sweat as she tore at her clothes, her right palm continuing to twist and warp from the burn of His sword. Her eyes opened in the blackness, a white film covering eyes bleeding from the heat rushing through her body. "Please, Exhor, take me or choose me, do not tease me with pain! I beg you!" But all night she writhed, until the next morning Tebinid returned and found Vasryne laying prone on the floor of her shack, naked and covered in a cold sweat. "Vasryne?" he said, picking her up and
  8. "Well then you asked all you needed to, didn't you, pig." Sheiva's eyes filled with blue light as she levitated into the air and the small breeze that first blew into the alley became a gale force wind that blew the scattered papers on the ground into a tornado spinning around her. The clotheslines whipped of the sides of the abandoned buildings as they brought hunks of stone that pounded into the ground, trying to knock Knight to the ground. "Outclassed? I think not!" If he tried to dodge the whipping lines and stones fluttering through the alley, Knight would find that Shevia's t
  9. Please mark the Brazilian Province of Amazonas as the Amazonian Tribal Confederacy
  10. ...After the days of Martens the Silver and the when the world was swallowed by pestilence and plague, a world undreamed flickered into the minds and hearts of those without homes. Into this world stepped Vasryne, destined to wear the crowned diadem of Holy America upon a weary head. It is I, her chronicler who alone can tell thee of her saga. Let me tell you of the days of High Adventure! ...Deep in the jungles of the Amazon rain forests, now grown with greater strength from the times when all plant life seemed wiped from the desolate landscape of South America, a single canoe paddled dow
  11. Her name was Phaidor and she appeared at the gates of Beijing under a white flag. At the gates she prostrated herself to the guards and asked for mercy. "To the rulers of Beijing, I bring you tidings. I have escaped from the clutches of the wicked warlord Khatun and wish for entrance into your city to meet with your commander. I bring him news of the horde's next movements and can assist him in destroying the barbarians before they arrive in Beijing. Please let me in, it will not be long before the Warlord realizes I have left and hunts me down for disloyalty, her horde approaches within t
  12. Sheiva kept her eyes on him as she backed up against the wall, no where to flee. For a moment she looked worried, confronted by a pursuer who she knew nothing about. Then a spark of confidence returned and Knight could easily see it in the girl's eyes as she straightened up her body and started walking toward him. "So you must be pretty resourceful to get out of that bar alive. A lot of those guys make sure I'm protected, so I'm guessing, from the blood," she eyed up his body, "I'm going to have to find new friends." Stopping a few feet from where he stood, she held up the locket. "And I s
  13. The bouncers let Knight in easy enough, they requested only one thing, he needed to leave any weapons at the bar. Inside, the only lighting came from a few dim bulbs hanging over the bar, a few tables, and a dart board on the far side of the tavern. No one looked up when he stepped inside, no one cared. But when he started sitting down and asking people about the locket, a few men began to look up. Not at first, at first Knight only received, "Get the Hell away from me, I'm busy." "Stick it up your ass." "Leave me alone." But at about the fourth person, eyes started to follow him a
  14. The border of the Empire of Shanghai stretched open upon the northern steppes where the ancient realm of the Manchus once stood. A legion of horsemen appeared over the horizon, their hooves making thunder as they advanced across the border towards the villages scattered over the plains. Khatun smiled at the small villages, smoke rising from the hearths as the distant sound of baying sheep and goats crossed the open air. "A fine day for a raid." She smiled looking at the lieutenants riding by her side. "Ride into the villages, demand their submission and kill the local leaders. If they resi
  15. Everyone knows Mars is a dying planet...that's half the fun! I GIVE YOU BARSOOM! (Which is Mars in Martian tongue) http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/165/7/c/map_of_barsoom_by_motion_music-d53glcd.png
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