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  1. Sometimes you get it right and sometimes you get it right.
  2. Doom Squad has declared on Animalz nations in support our brothers in Monster's Inc. I will refrain from use nuclear weapons for two reasons. Firstly, I haven't any to use. Secondly, it seems quite unnecessary at this point as the three Animalz nations are almost as broke as I am. Let's have a good clean fight and trade witty insults using semi-coherent discourse. In the interest of fairness, I've dispatched the following message to two of the three nations I'm currently engaged with.
  3. the server for Doom squad https://discord.gg/3kxWXdz
  4. I started playing before GW3, been coming and going since then.
  5. Keelah will end soon and sucks. Is this allowed? And be patient, I think a number of folks got way too casual in their posting, me included.
  6. Please dear god no... I will never troll again.. I will never troll again.. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ME A MOD.. That being said, it's good to see that you guys let Citizen Kane back. She's going to be a good re-addition to the community. Are there any other faces we can expect to see again?
  7. Keelah is Dwayne Johnson, Aka ''The Rock''... Sorry bro, I love your People's Elbow and all of your appearances in the Fast and Furious Franchise but.... Stone Cold Steve Austin will always be the better wrassler.
  8. Can we get a youtube video or videos posted from musically inclined mods doing covers of Billy Joel songs?
  9. I was banned a few years ago. My previous nation had an 80 percent warn and my next nation racked up a 60 percent warn. It was quite the surprise to me when the warns got merged and off with my head! I rolled this nation and a member of the community, nice fellow, encouraged me to make an appeal to the GM team. I stated my case and one of them contacted me directly and told me I'm on double secret warn/triple secret probation so to speak. I earned off my warns and haven't had many problems since. Getting unbanned is possible, just not for all, and I think that even if there was a general am
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