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  1. Hell I'll sign up for it or whatever is needed. Get some more practice in writing again.
  2. The Rist Confederation had been silent in both local affairs and global affairs. Now though time revealed that the nation had undergone sudden and immense changes, A civil war had erupted and at the end of it the old government and its way of life had been defeated. In its place a more brutal and oppressive regime had taken its place. This new regime under a newer more harsher council ruled with an iron fist. The population became servants and either served in the military, in the factories and other infrastructure or became homeless and jobless and left to die. Propaganda and teaching reforms from the youngest of ages ensured that the majority of the population stayed faithful and this coupled with the back breaking amount of work stopped almost all attempts at rebellion. With such a dedicated work force the infrastructure of the nation had greatly expanded, cities grew larger and larger and even higher and higher with the biggest having multiple giant spires that housed hundreds if not thousands of servants. With the richer at the top and the poorest at the bottom. The environmental effect of this was dreadful, permanent smog clouds hung around the lower areas of the cities and spires and corrosion was a constant problem that required attention. The military of the Confederation was also upgraded, equipment was improved to the best possible level that the Confederation could manage. Training was formalized and improved so that the standard of the nation's military was higher. In addition to the ground and air force facilities the very first proper Confederation fleet facilities were constructed and it was soon expected that the nation would begin producing fully functional sea naval vessels to increase the nation's power projection ability.
  3. I like Melech's idea and yet I also like what Yawoo said. So either work for me.
  4. "I am glad to hear that, I too hope that we shall set up and maintain good relations between our two nations. As introductions have been made let us cut straight to the chase, the Rist Confederation is looking for a reliable trading partner and agreeable ally in global politics. I hope that we can have Japan be that ally. What do you say minister?" asked Stuart.
  5. The Australian war fleet left Australian waters shortly after sun rise, the combined vessels sailing in a protective convoy towards the west cutting through the waves at a decent speed. The fleet was made up of various classes of ships from destroyers to cruisers and including the two aircraft carriers that Australia possessed. Beneath the waves a small host of attack submarines helped to guard the fleet on its journey. Also travelling with the fleet was a number of assault landing ships all of which carried extensive numbers of soldiers, military vehicles or equipment on board. Sailing towards the coastal waters of Somalia the twin carriers of the fleet quickly began to launch their compliment of aircraft, the sounds or roaring engines was quickly heard through out the fleet as the aircraft took to the skies where they formed into their separate squadrons before continuing on towards the coast of Somalia. The orders given to these pilots were quite simple the fighters were to provide close air support while the attack planes engaged ground targets. Of course Somalia was little more than a pitiful third world country and posed very little threat to the Australian aircraft however, regardless of this fact the mission was to still be carried out at a highest degree of awareness. Any form of military base, encampment and staging area on the coast or near to the coast of Somalia would be targeted and eradicated. In addition civilian infrastructure that was deemed capable of supporting Somalia military units was also destroyed, thus resulting in the utter destruction of the Mogadishu international airport and numerous civilian power facilities and few communications centers. To help bring chaos to the Somalia ranks government buildings that were deemed to be of high to moderate importance were also wiped out. All of the above was carried out in a methodical and careful manner and this fact plus the vast difference in technology allowed the air mission to be carried out without the loss of single Australian plane. As the aircraft returned to their carriers for rearming and refueling the war fleet split with the majority of the fleet's vessels staying to protect the carriers while a handful of cruisers and destroyers escorted the landing ships in further towards the coast where they unleashed their smaller landing craft which ferried, men, vehicles and equipment on to the Somalia beaches where they landed and began establishing a number of forward operating bases.
  6. "This is a disturbing turn of events, to allow such powerful and destructive weapons to remain in the hands of what is little better than a terrorist organisation is unacceptable. For global security this Islamist State was be destroyed to the last man. An international task force under an UN mandate would likely be the best choice". -Rist Confederation
  7. Nakamichi would be lead into the building through the main entrance which opened up onto a plain and simple entrance hall with little decorations. However, unlike the few guests sat waiting to be called in for their meetings the foreign minister would be taken straight through the hall and into a long corridor. Walking along this corridor Nakamichi would catch glimpses of government employees at work at their stations but would quickly arrive at another set of large double doors. These doors would be swiftly opened and the Japanese visitor taken into the council chambers. The chambers were fairly big with enough seating benches provided around the sides for about fifty people with another twenty or so being able to be seated on single chairs in the back center of the room. For now these seats were all empty and the only other occupants inside the chamber were a pair of armed guards stationed in front of a series of imposing desks at the head of the room where a middle aged man and an elderly woman were sat waiting. Coming closer more detail would be able to be seen by the Japanese official, the middle aged man was dressed in a well kept and ironed suit and was busy waiting with his hands clasped together and his eyes on the new arrival. Meanwhile the elderly woman was dressed in a now faded red working dress , a pair of simple glasses on her as she sat with pen and paper writing and studying the documents before her showing little regard for the events before her. The Lieutenant who had taken over guarding and guiding Mr Nakamichi would step forward to address the two Confederation councilors. "Mr Nakamichi Minoru, Minister of Foreign Affairs from Japan has arrived safe and well to see you Councilors" spoke the Lieutenant. "Excellent work Lieutenant, you and your men are dismissed" replied the male Councilor who waited until the military men had left before turning his attention to Nakamichi as he stood up from his desk and crossed the short distance to greet him with a hand out in welcoming. "It is a pleasure to meet you Mr Minoru, my name is Jonathon Stuart and the lady behind me is Margaret Smith. I hope your visit to the Confederation has been pleasant enough so far?"
  8. Battle tanks of the 1st and 2nd Armored Cavalry Division were advancing well ahead of the main Confederation armed forces in the war against the cartels. The battle tanks were more than a match for the vehicles and soldiers of the cartels and in the wake of the advancing tanks many burning pick ups and dead cartel soldiers were left where they had fallen. Losses among the tanks was almost non existent minus a few mechanical failures. The orders were that no quarter was to be spared and the cartel members soon learnt that to surrender was to be killed so they all continued to flee away from the advancing military soldiers and equipment. If the cartel factions were only as well supplied as the soldiers fighting at the moment then their defeat and destruction was assured.
  9. "Truthfully all that we would like to ask is that if you have any naval vessels operating around the globe that they could perhaps be ready to respond to any distress calls from our merchant ships and possibly keep an eye on them as they sail. Just those small measures would go a long way to making our sailors and their families feel a lot safer and reassured. I also must agree with your statement about trading with countries hopefully we will see more nations rising soon." "Ah here we are" said the ambassador gesturing to a large marble stone building directly ahead of the convoy. The building was built out of strong marble stone and rose at least three floors high above the ground. Four stone pillars supported a over hang that jutted out from the main entrance which was in the form of a pair of oak wooden doors. "This is the Council chambers, inside one or more Council members will be waiting to meet with you and they will be better placed to form and sign any agreements between our two nations." The convoy would halt outside the entrance and Armstrong would get out of the car and quickly walk around to the other side to open the door for the Japanese minister to exit. Waiting only a few steps away an honor guard of soldiers from the Confederation's military waited to escort the minister into the Council building, the Lieutenant in charge waiting silently at attention for the minister to step forwards.
  10. "I can ensure you that Japan will receive an affordable price, this being from the simple fact that your nation is the first to officially make more than a token effort to talk with us. I can also agree with the idea of our nation's petrochemical industries working together to achieve a more efficient working process. As for our transportation industry, we have an extensive rail network on land that runs straight from the major facilities right down to the ports where our large maritime merchant industry takes over. We have many vessels in said industry from tiny coastal tankers right up to a pair of super tankers for larger and longer trading voyages." "As for trade security that is where the Confederation encounters a number of problems, unfortunately our nation lacks any true naval force. Oh we have a few armed coast guard cutters and fishery protection vessels but we have nothing to guard our vessels on the open seas. Once the vessels pass out of range of our land based aircraft they are at the mercy of anyone they encounter." "Yes, we are always looking for more opportunities for trade both here at home and abroad though as you have said Europe is not doing well. Last we heard was that Europe was becoming involved in some sort of war recently. For our vessel's safety we have informed them to stay clear of the European markets for now."
  11. "The Rist Confederation hereby proclaims that the entirety of the South American continent rightfully belongs to us. By divine right do we, the Council of the Rist Confederation, have the right to rule all of this land and its people. We will accept no alternative or denial. That is all." Military forces of the Rist Confederation would destroy any Cartel forces or members that they encountered, where possible the scout vehicles and teams would destroy the enemy but if needed these units could always call in air support or larger ground forces if the enemy was of a higher concentration than was able to be dealt with. Losses would be of a minor level with more equipment lost due to equipment failure than enemy action. Villages and towns encountered during the advances would be garrisoned by security forces drawn from both civil and military police while the troops would continue onward. Cartel homes, plantations and other buildings would be razed to the ground and their occupants either slain or imprisoned.
  12. Also someone could horribly play the system by stating that their nation is one surrounded by lava rivers and lakes, with huge mountains with super high winds that stop aircraft and have never ending storms etc etc. The main benefit I see for having the cnrp map is that it ensures that everyone knows what the terrain is like as you compare it to earth. Allowing random terrain can allow a lot of exploitation.
  13. "The Confederation boasts a fairly substantial oil industry, we have a large variety of oil drilling locations from small private owned drilling businesses to three massive Council owned drilling and storage facilities. In partnership with this industry we maintain a strong merchant maritime industry to transport our exports and imports. In fact if you are in the market for an alternative source of oil I am sure we can arrange some sort of deal between our two nations. A lot of luxury goods though aren't produced here, expensive clothes, furniture and most other products that you can commonly find in more developed nations are missing from ours and the same with high tech electronics." Armstrong would turn to look out the vehicle's windows as the entered the outskirts of the capital city, passing by a huge number of low maintenance flats and apartments, the buildings showed signs of decay but not enough to be dangerous. Many citizens could be seen going about their daily lives, walking to and from work, taking pets out and kids playing in the street or the occasional park. Generally citizens being happy and going about their usual routines, the only thing that stood out was the often passing of a military truck full of soldiers or military armoured vehicles going places at a fair speed. Armstrong would look back towards the Minister before speaking again. "I too would hope for a more peaceful and prosperous world and would gladly welcome free trade among all nations. Already we here in the Confederation have removed any taxes on import and export goods and only request a small berthing fee for any transport vehicles to help pay for maintenance costs at the docks and airports. I hope that the Confederation and Japan will become great trading partners and even friends in the future."
  14. Light armour vehicles have began to cross the border into the surrounding territory around the Rist Confederation. Their objective is two fold: First to scout and secure roadways and other pathways that larger units of the military can quickly use to advance and move with care taken towards locating and recording locations where there are crossings over natural obstacles. Second they are to attempt to locate cartel units and buildings and record their locations for future military strikes. The scouts are ordered to avoid engaging the cartel members unless they are forced to.
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