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  1. TypoNinja

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    If its still not wrong, then only by accident. The entire point of a fallacy is faulty logic, which leads you to a faulty conclusion. While its technically possible that a conclusion based on logical fallacy is correct, the point of a fallacy is that you had a flawed method of reaching that conclusions. If it happens to be the right one, its sheer coincidence. You've probably also committed a non-sequiter in the process, since the process used to reach the conclusion is wrong. Worse, the coincidence can lead one to believe their flawed process was in fact correct, spawning more errors in the
  2. [quote name='NoMercy' timestamp='1324244146' post='2881365'] 2. There is more guilt loaded on Xiphosis than advocating for harsh terms. His is a !@#$@#$ bigmouth who deserves the ass-kick. [/quote] Well hell, if that was the only requirement everybody on the OWF would be at ZI or on the way.
  3. Over five years, that is pretty crazy isn't it?
  4. [quote name='SoADarthCyfe6' timestamp='1320428874' post='2838506'] I voted yes into disbanding Alterego. [/quote] Third party write in option? We have a winner.
  5. [quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1320190986' post='2836785'] :wtc: How would unilateral white peace even work? [/quote] It's been done a few times in the past. Usually when rolling micros who've made the error of pissing off a major power. You roll them till yer satisfied, then just stop.
  6. [quote name='Heft' timestamp='1318739818' post='2826062'] One wonders why VE would repeatedly go out of its way to obstruct the efforts of the largest alliance currently fighting on behalf of your own allies, the ones which you have decided not to defend. It is an odd way to express your gratitude. I await your thank you note with bated breath. [/quote] Somebody feeling a wee bit touchy? Read my post again. I didn't even specify how I felt about the validity of Rayvon's denial. I only said two things that are pretty easily agreed upon to be true. Having plausible deniability in any inc
  7. [quote name='Rayvon' timestamp='1318725332' post='2825867'] "Anyways, the rest of NSO gov weren't aware of the fact I was the source of the info until about 10 minutes ago when I told Rayvon." Clearly by the fact that you've opened your mouth I know you haven't read the post you even quoted. [/quote] Well deniability is always good, the real trick will be how many people give such claims any credibility.
  8. [quote name='Charles Stuart' timestamp='1318414256' post='2823404'] Ummmmm ok. I am sure legion appreciate you trying to support them and all but it would be better support if what you said actually..you know..made sense? [/quote] I think whats he's trying to get at is a modified "might makes right" argument, with a dash of "An armed society is a polite society". If you find yourself wronged by somebody who is large enough to be a threat you tend to treat them differently than if you are wronged by random micro number 639. Two major alliances dealing with one another tend to reach a diplom
  9. You can be competitve. This is my second nation, I lost something like 2 years of growth. When I existed CN I was in the top .1%. Now I'm not quite in the top 10%. But holy crap, I'm nearing the top 10% of the game despite losing two years of headway. I'll probably never see the top 1% again, but that's not the point. Too many people !@#$%* and moan and try to excuse it as being no fun or unfair because they can't catch up. What they really want in instant gratification, its a remarkably common attitude in north America, but certainly not limited to there. The idea that you should be able t
  10. Alright, trying this again. First off, we always see suggestions like these, suggestions of people whining. Its always couched in terms of "fairness" and "catching up", but what it is, is a symptom of the society of instant gratification fostered for so long. Nobody wants to work for their gains, they want to join a game and be able to be in the top 10 next week. They don't care the 5 year head start somebody has, they think they should be able to 'catch up'. Every game which isnt based on a resetting round (or new server launches) sees people like that all the time, the lazy people, the peop
  11. Oh what the $%&@. I type out a big ass wall of text hit add reply and it just evaporates? No message, no pop up just gone? $%&@ you blogsystem!
  12. Bottom Of the Barrel War Its all the crappiest alliances shooting at eachoter, it works!
  13. [quote name='Gopherbashi' timestamp='1317870640' post='2817708'] To be fair, one nation witn 0 NS would give you 0.02 score, so that's pretty much the minimum you can hit. [/quote] Oh hey cool, never knew that. So a 100 member alliance could never fall below 2 score?
  14. [quote name='James Dahl' timestamp='1317706746' post='2815811'] [img]http://ri5.rialliance.net/poke-legion.jpg[/img] [/quote] If only because I remember the flash you ripped that from, this one is funny
  15. [quote name='Fallen Fool' timestamp='1317272565' post='2811083'] UPN acknowledged their mistake when they offered to pay twice what they believed the damages to be. NG refused to accept that acknowledgement because it was not nearly humiliating enough and apparently nowadays the opportunity to humiliate other people is the only reason most citizens of Bob get out of bed in the morning. [/quote] VE policy starts at ZI or 3x damages when somebody rogues us, so !@#$%*ing about 2x being outrageous isn't gonna get you to far with the guy said policy is named after.
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