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  1. TypoNinja

    Ad Hominem

    If its still not wrong, then only by accident. The entire point of a fallacy is faulty logic, which leads you to a faulty conclusion. While its technically possible that a conclusion based on logical fallacy is correct, the point of a fallacy is that you had a flawed method of reaching that conclusions. If it happens to be the right one, its sheer coincidence. You've probably also committed a non-sequiter in the process, since the process used to reach the conclusion is wrong. Worse, the coincidence can lead one to believe their flawed process was in fact correct, spawning more errors in the future. If you ever discover you have managed to commit a logical fallacy yet still have the right conclusions, check again and resolve the conflict. Because from a debating stand point, even if you have the correct conclusions, the logical fallacy in your process means you lack any convincing means of justifying that conclusion.
  2. You can be competitve. This is my second nation, I lost something like 2 years of growth. When I existed CN I was in the top .1%. Now I'm not quite in the top 10%. But holy crap, I'm nearing the top 10% of the game despite losing two years of headway. I'll probably never see the top 1% again, but that's not the point. Too many people !@#$%* and moan and try to excuse it as being no fun or unfair because they can't catch up. What they really want in instant gratification, its a remarkably common attitude in north America, but certainly not limited to there. The idea that you should be able to be the best at something just because you want it bad enough, and if you can't get it clearly somebody should make those big meanies doing better than you stop being exceptional. You can catch up. I caught up, you will never be the best of the best, but you can definitely still grow to a significant size. New nations are extremely unlikely to ever become the best, but they have more than enough opportunity to be able to matter. If you really want a stat game focus on TE, it resets regularly. But remember that SE is a political game too and your nation is only one piece of it.
  3. Alright, trying this again. First off, we always see suggestions like these, suggestions of people whining. Its always couched in terms of "fairness" and "catching up", but what it is, is a symptom of the society of instant gratification fostered for so long. Nobody wants to work for their gains, they want to join a game and be able to be in the top 10 next week. They don't care the 5 year head start somebody has, they think they should be able to 'catch up'. Every game which isnt based on a resetting round (or new server launches) sees people like that all the time, the lazy people, the people who think they are entitled to more for less work because they showed up late. Its silly on its face, but lets go to the actual bad ideas now This is another "Boo hoo I can't be as cool as the high ranked guys" suggestion. Its basically saying "take years of effort and flush it down the drain because I have an inferiority complex". But that's not the terrible part, that's just the bad part. The terrible part is that its an idea to turn off tech. With tech importing gone (bye bye tech deal, the corner stone of the CN aid system) and tech degrading, everybody will quickly have an identical amount of tech. Somebody will do the math, and figure out the best amount of tech to maintain to get the biggest bang for your buck. With everybody having the same amount of tech.... Why have tech at all? Everybody will have the same tech infra upkeep discount, everybody will have the same bonus damage, everybody will have the same econ bonuses. But that's just the beginning, you've now made the WRC way less useful, the econ wonders that adjust based on tech, also now just a homogonous econ block, maybe even not so good anymore depending on where the tech stops. Wanna take in game politics driven by game mechanics? There is more than one alliance whos identity and power are about their crazy tech stockpiles. They worked hard to get those too. TOP is TOP because they have crap tons of tech and money. Think we wont see a couple of wars the second we see an update announcing that somebodies alliance is about to drop 300k tech? Don't think people will want to try and secure an advantage for themselves before their advantage gets taken away from them? Oh boy, you know why there's a foreign aid cap? Because admin wanted somebody to play his game, not hop skip and a jump clear up to 20k NS. Oh let me explain. 3 mil is chump change now a days, alliance growth patterns are limited by incoming FA to new nation. The trick in CN has always been redistributing the wealth. An alliance wants to get the cash from the high nations down to the low nations where its got lopsidedly high value. When my infra costs 20,000 times yours it's a far better investment to give you the cash. The FA limit is there to make sure people actually play the game instead of getting gifted half way up to endgame. But that's not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is that its already criminally cheap to sit at 1k infra and nuke forever, less than 5 mil a day, less than that even depending on trades and wonders. Based on a 2 billion dollar warchest somebody could keep hovering at 1k and nuking for over a year 400 days in fact. The only saving grace to that scenario is that eventually the money runs out, and even FA can't come in fast enough. But if we uncap FA, hooo boy. As little as tripling the FA from 3 mil to 9 mil is enough for outside funds to keep our nuking friend going indefinitely. 9mil every other day should be just enough to keep the nukes flying, and that low low on hand cash once you hit that point means spy ops and GA's aren't gonna nab very much of that on hand cash. A couple of guys with 5 billion a piece could fund 10 guys at indefinite nuking for 200 days. 12 guys raining nuclear Armageddon for over 6 months. Who could then immediately rebuild to a quite high level thanks to that uncapped FA. Find a home, sign up for growth program, 20 days later sitting on 100 mil or so they should find themselves back up to 5k infra and on self sustaining back collects in short order. But hey, none of these are issues right? Lets uncap FA cause people can't get their instant gratification, lets do away with tech because the people who haven't been working at it 5 years think they should be able to compete favorably with the people who have! There couldn't possibly be any negative consequences for completely breaking a games economy and invalidating one of its core mechanics!
  4. Oh what the $%&@. I type out a big ass wall of text hit add reply and it just evaporates? No message, no pop up just gone? $%&@ you blogsystem!
  5. Actually the enslavement thing was done in the past just not explicitly called such. Legion was paying an undetermined amount for an unspecified duration to NPO at one point. Its harder to come up with original terms than you'd think, we've had years to get inventive, its covered a lot of ground.
  6. I saw this and immediately thought of the WPE contest.
  7. Way to keep updating this for so long, a lot of times stats trackers loose interest after a while. Keep up the good work. Also, hes going by who actually posted a DoW, making it official. Pretty reasonable position to take.
  8. TypoNinja


    No way, the norway incident is way more epic.
  9. More updates! Excellent! Can I request the next one include another 'cleaned up' version with the peaced out people taken off?
  10. What I got from that little tantrum is that you didn't get your way, so you've decided to take your ball and go home.
  11. Once again, thanks again for keeping this updated.
  12. Its not a a matter of the act itself, its a matter of social stigmatization leading too poor education on important topic. Just like abstinence only education doesn't actually teach kids anything useful so increases the rate of teen pregnancies, and prostitution is dangerous because it cannot be regulated. Imagine how much better off they'd all be if they had the ability to demand condom use? When common knowledge is incomplete or in many cases outright wrong (you can't get pregnant the first time!) it leads to bad assumptions and worse practices. The AIDS epidemic in Africa for example is so out of hand because many still don't actually believe that HIV causes AIDS. There are ad campaigns running that tell you anti-viral medication is bad for you ffs! People there are pushing the idea that a multi-vitamin pill will cure aids. It all comes down to proper education on a subject. Where information and understanding is lacking bad things start happening.
  13. thanks for continuing to update this.
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