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  1. 'Everyone will forget what insufferable douchenozzles we are if we make them watch us playing games!'
  2. The difference is the rest of you follow the letter of the law, we the spirit. People are so concerned with justifying their actions through treaty links that we still have ghost decs so allies can get on their desired front.
  3. I'm sure all the nations on yellow affected by the sanction on Mogar will make their displeasure known come the next senate election.
  4. The last 3 global wars have had different instigators and main targets, power is still quite diffuse whether your alliance chooses to take advantage of that or not. Would be nice if you guys could make up your minds whether DBDC is the omnipotent overlord or so far out of reach as to be irrelevant though. What do you suppose we were told to do, and by whom?
  5. There's hardly a hegemony in today's CN, and we're barely a part of the group to which you're attempting to apply that label, so you can jump down off that cross. For us this had nothing to do with DBDC's reaction, it was all about yours.
  6. lmbo where in the fuck do you get that interpretation from mogar
  7. How many MDPs have there been over the years between NPO and IRON now? Must be a record :P
  8. You'd be closer to the mark if you had quoted Margrave. :v:
  9. Can't argue about the effects but for no reason in particular is a bit misleading, Polar were moving against NPO as well, they were just less overt about it.
  10. if this is supposed to be some grand reveal you should probably screenshot instead of linking to something that most can't be bothered to make accounts for.
  11. it wasn't a pun, and it wasn't funny. if you're going to use something like this to take a cheap shot at your perceived enemies at least give it some punch and real basis. that quote from the GGA member sums up their 4ish years of existence post GW1 perfectly. yours references one incident and a partner they've had for relatively little time. bravo
  12. Or maybe they feel that a throwaway comment made by an ODN member in private requires no public response.
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