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  1. it wasn't a pun, and it wasn't funny. if you're going to use something like this to take a cheap shot at your perceived enemies at least give it some punch and real basis. that quote from the GGA member sums up their 4ish years of existence post GW1 perfectly. yours references one incident and a partner they've had for relatively little time. bravo
  2. GGA: Attack us and see how far you get before NPO reminds you why we don't need the WRC.
  3. join kashmir and your bags too can be dirty
  4. Yeah I knew about the coordinated spam, didn't know he actually joined though. Stunning victory for inanity.
  5. lmbo he actually succumbed to the badgering eh
  6. Heh, after I signed in to make that post I noticed the sigs saying the 17th. Cheers though. Looks like the p's will only be about a point apart.
  7. So, when's NPL announcing it's disbandment/merger?
  8. All dickishness is relative. I thought his comment was quite apt.
  9. I personally haven't been keeping track of them, so perhaps. Though as one of the nations that "fled" MK, I've fought a number of nations and I would assume that the others who switched AA's did the same thing.
  10. Those nations that "fled" probably fought a lot more than you did.
  11. A bar denoting the mid point would be good too.
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