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  1. It is great to see so many old faces around. I look forward to entertaining/frustrating you all in the near future.
  2. A RETURN OF THE MIGHTY PRISM PROTECTION FRONT Hello, planet Bob. Do you still call it that? I have been asleep for a very long time and do not now what the kids are up to these days. Anyway, I am pleased to announce that after a long spirit-slumber, I, the Grand Shark Opethian, Founder of the Prism Protection Front, and all around neat guy have returned to the land of the woken. Because I have slumbered for so long my original body has long since been cast into the void-of-bans and could not be reclaimed. Because of this I required a new physical vessel, and have since possessed the body of an incredibly handsome, athletic and stylish young man who also knows magic. While in possession of this vessel I shall be addressed as Opethian the Second. But enough about me. This is really about the return of the Prism Protection Front (PPF). What is the PPF, you ask? Why only the greatest alliance ever to have graced the charred digital surfaces of planet Bob (I will keep calling it this). The PPF was responsible for at least two major wars in which it was crushed utterly. You may say that sounds a lot like "losing", but we at the PPF are more about the journey that the destination. If we must face complete, embarrassing defeat in order to imbibe upon the delicious nectar of inter-alliance drama then be defeated we shall. The PPF prides itself on independence and an total lack of self-preservation or concept of moderation. That is not to say the PPF believes in blind declarations of war, but rather that we have no fear of the repercussions of war. If the war is just or the cause entertains us sufficiently we will gladly and openly declare a war we know we cannot ultimately win. Defeat is simply a state of mind. That being said, I officially declare the return of the Prism Protection Front to planet Bob and all her subsidiaries. Membership is currently on approval only, as I need time to gauge the current political climate of the land before making any grand moves. For now, you may contact me with any inquiries or concerns and I will have my shark secretary (Sharkretary) get back to you. Ohh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that we at the PPF like sharks. Like, a lot. If you don't like sharks please don't apply. Also, just don't talk to me. EDIT: could I maybe get this moved to the alliance announcements forum. I may have forgotten how to cybernations. Please forgive me, moderator-san.
  3. I have been absent for a very long time now, so I am quite a bit behind in terms of knowing "who's who" here lately, but I'd assess it as follows (note: not ranking numerically, just listing who I think had the greatest impact on the game) I think the "big two" HAVE the be NPO and LUE. That's the rivalry that basically set the standard for the politics of this game. Of course the Mushroom Kingdom and NpO are basically subsets/take-offs of these two powers, but both ultimately went in their own directions and had a huge impact on the game. Vox Populi was the last real world mover I recall before going into my deep spirit-sleep. I feel like I need to do a lot of catching up now.
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