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  1. Anything that pisses off the Nazis has my full support.
  2. Ah ok, I remember that name. Regular member. Might have risen to some mid level government position at most. Definitely not a founder. The only people who could claim such status is Ivan, myself, LintWad, RandomInterrupt, Heft, and Heggo. I might be forgetting a name or two but yours would definitely not be one of them.
  3. Not only was Tywinn not a NSO founder, I don't even remember him or any of his incarnations being a regular member. I mean I suppose he could've been a member for a short period of time but if he was it was uneventful enough as to be completely forgettable. And I say this as someone who actually is a NSO founder.
  4. Yeah, rolling out a wall of text in response to Herenos throw away comment about Dilber being really inactive is complete overkill.
  5. It's been an honor, Emperor Rayvon. Hail Empress Kirsten!
  6. Anyway I can get the five minutes of my life back that I spent reading this stupid thread?
  7. Yeah, sorry about that. It was a dark time.
  8. Yeah you beat me to it. We ain't scared.
  9. LOL, look at these tryhards.... Congrats on acquiring an unused channel, guys. I'm sure there was plenty of fist pumping and window licking on the short bus last night.
  10. I was the second nation to join and I don't remember you.
  11. Here's to victory.
  12. Speaking from experience, you should wait at least a few months before you start retconning. I mean Polaris' declaration on us is still readily visible and everything. I'll leave it at that. You may resume your finger painting.
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