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  1. I support this message by our Indo brothers at NEW. Get some! o/ NEW
  2. So you're upset that new nations might quit because of us, but you're not upset at the very thing that is suffocating Bob and hemorrhaging nations? Their politics and curb stomp warfare?! Gtfoh with your ass kissing !@#$%^&*!
  3. It is not a praise. Warriors believe that the best life we can have would end with death on the battlefield. The worst insult you can give to someone is to tell them that you wish for them to live forever.
  4. See the difference is that we tried to work with you when you were courting NG. We were opposed to the treaty completely. We were assured that it would be beneficial for both of us if we just gave it a chance. As soon as we were at war Brehon told me that NG & others was pushing for that attack by us. They forced the separation. No that is wrong. I can't blame them at all. As TPF was having activity issues NPO made a well thought over decision to move away from TPF and towards other alliances. We weren't as useful to NPO anymore. Years of beat downs for no reason, but to keep u
  5. We'll see in 6 months or so. We have all the time in the world, NPO does not. There is no way to force us to stop. The only way is for NPO to surrender, admit their wrongdoing, send us all 10 rounds of tech, and write us a letter of apology. Otherwise, NPO is slowly falling behind optimum tech/aid slot usage and thus anyone plotting against them is benefiting.
  6. My how pretty slavery is. I see that chains come with wonderful gifts on the Red sphere.
  7. Yes! Big bad NPO is on the defense! 400 versus a couple dozen. Please help us more! This war as stated from the beginning was based in propaganda and pain. The NPO is failing miserably. They activated treaties with one alliance that has had excellent relations with us in the past and another that is completely neutral on this and see it as a mess that NPO made themselves. All the while they are pushing back saying that we were the bad allies, which any rational person and at least half of the old guard in Pacifica know is a bold faced lie. As this drags on and others
  8. Not after I took over. That's where the falling out began. I refused to attack a direct ally of STA when, 1 they had not attacked a treaty partner and 2 it would force tension between STA and their treaty partner. Oh that was fun! The coalition constantly pushing NPO to get us to do their bidding and we didn't. That was the breaking point. We wouldn't fetch anymore. Then Roadie took over and they thought it would change back. It didn't and that wasn't egg on their faces, but that's another story. I had left shortly after that.
  9. Thanks son, you are winning the war for us. You are making it all the more sweet with your complete lack of knowledge and your rage. I, myself am not hitting new nations. I cannot speak up for the rest of my alliance mates, but opening the eyes of Pacifica's "finest" is just fine. The problem with your alliances approach to their nation building is that when they leverage their guerilla politics things like this happen. We long ago understood this as NPO's closest ally. Giving succinct nation building models and leaving it up to them to manage them at their own rate. All it takes is a single w
  10. Ask him why he was explaining he didn't because of the previous war.
  11. Thankfully your opinion means !@#$ to us. Yes, Vol tales his warring seriously. If you took it half as serious you'd have declared on him by now. But by all means, "recover" as long as you like.
  12. What it would really take is Sengoku Jidai, an age of warfare. In my studies of Bushido and Japanese history, sometimes when things stagnate it takes for sone rules to change to incite a scrambling for a new power.
  13. I really don't have the time to do it. Between work, a 16 year old on the verge of making her Olympic cut in swim that swims 7 days a week, working out, and multiple women that are upset that they aren't getting enough time I get 3-5 hours of sleep a night. I don't have the hours and hours it takes on IRC and visiting forums to orchestrate change. I know where to stay and with whom, but my days are done.
  14. Exactly. It is just sad that so many are too weak or too afraid to wreck their nation to save all of Bob. That is why we set out to make a unified example on the way out. To sow discord and show that NPO doesn't need to be feared. That any alliance can make a difference with determination and focus once they shed those who are more concerned with saving their pixels, which are going to be deleted soon enough anyways. Bob is dying and fear of chaos to spice things up by the weak is killing it faster. Many good alliances that want to be good treaty partners are adding to problem. Th
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