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  1. You soooo need to make a run to WA State and get some BBQ Steaks from my Barbie! ;)

  2. Congratulations! Here's to 5 more bro! o/ memoryproblems
  3. The first thing I thought when I read this was, "Mushroom Kingdom is having a Koolaid party! How come only 'my' friends have cups? Why do they have guns pointed at us?" Yeah, I'm not coming to any party of yours. Why don't you guys meet us somewhere in the middle? Say at Starbucks? We can talk about this over a nice cup of Chai. Maybe once you get some wake up juice you'll be ready to be amicable.
  4. Come on! It took me at least 3 1/2 minutes to make that. The funny thing is that most of you are too dumb to get it or not diverse enough in your culture. I already explained it to Stalker Greenberg in a TE thread.
  5. I do believe that you made a point there, "when one side surrenders". What does not make sense to me is the, "we won so pay us" approach. I'm not paying anything. That is like saying it was OK for Germany to loot the Jews because they won. It's not right. Good people decided that it was wrong and beat the hell out of the Aggressors and they are now still able to be charged for their hate crimes. How is this different? "We attack the Jews because they are doing better and growing faster than us!", DH is the new hitler. I won't stop until somebody decides that they can tip the scales and end thi
  6. I disagree. Umbrella has kept me funded nicely. I can probably fight here in the pit forever. How long before the rest of the world sees you as an opportunity to crush and make themselves #1?
  7. I agree that a 4-5 day war and 3 days of nuclear anarchy is a great Idea. It allows for fast paced wars and a fast paced recovery. This could equal higher casualties and a more competitive run for the top and the bottom(where I happily end up).
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