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The Bi-Cycle War Peace Agreement

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The combined forces of Argent, CLAWS, Global Alliance and Treaty Organization, Independent Republic of Orange Nations, New Pacific Order, and The Legion agree to end hostilities with the combined forces of COBRA, Haven, Kashmir, Ordo Cyberneticus, Non Grata, The Lord’s Cavalry, and The Phoenix Federation.

Section 1, Cessation of War
1.    No new wars may be declared upon any of the alliances listed above;
a.    This term has already been agreed to during the peace summit prior to the signing of this document.
2.    All combatants of the alliances listed above currently involved in active wars may continue to fight until their war expires.

Section 2, Ongoing Peace
1.    The Bi-Cycle War is acknowledged to have concluded in status quo ante bellum; that is, of white peace.
2.    Neither force acknowledges defeat nor victory, and neither force demands reparations from the other.
3.    This document does not pre-empt or preclude any future attempts at building positive relationships, escalations to war, or any other diplomatic action.
a.    As such, there is no implied obligation from or to any party.




The Rick's coalition
Signed for Non Grata
Stewie, God Emperor
Thrash, MoFA and Resident Old Man.

Signed for Boognish

King Cobra - Johnny Apocalypse
Royal Guard - General Lyanna, General Tiki


For Kashmir;
SirWilliam - King of AFK
masterHakai - Big Idiot
Jason8 - Bigger Idiot


For The Phoenix Federation;
Kapleo, Evil Overlord
MrMotivator, Evil Underlord
Al3efix, Evil Feline 


For Haven;
Escanor - Guardian Angel
Todor - Avenging Angel


For Ordo Cyberneticus;
Martialis - Lord High Admiral


For The Lords Cavalry;
Lucius Optimus


Signed for Roll for Initiative/ Oculus Combatants
Roll For Initiative Bloc:

For Legion
Deathbiter, Imperator
happy5214, Consul of Internal and Economic Affairs
Penultidodo, Consul of Defense and Foreign Affairs
Killer04, Elected Imperator Emeritus


For Claws:
Jazzy95, Supreme Sultan of Scratchposts
Al Bundy, Football Legend


For Argent:
Lowsten - The Great and Powerful Emperor, An Angry Little Slice of Pie
trimm - Regent
IMP REBS - Minister of Internal Affairs
Vaslov - Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs
Legatus Equus - Minister of Foreign Affairs
KingWilliam - Interim Minister of War
Junruler - Minister of Finance
iamthey - Minister At-Large, Minister of Proctology, Lasagna, and the Three Eyed Raven of Argent
Janax -  Dragon Emperor Emeritus and Minister of Communications


Signed for Global Alliance and Treaty Organization
The General Assembly
Tevron, Assembly Chairperson, SBN Card-carrier, Ministabber Expat, Bard of RFI, Beach Summer Fun Buddy
We Are Not Alone, Deputy Assembly Chairperson, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Vlad, Deputy Assembly Chairperson, Minister of Defense, Signed for by Levon
DragonsPhyre, Minister of Justice, Best Nonbinary Girl, Calico Extraordinaire
Sir Kiloist, Minister of Domestic Affairs, Tamer of la fée vert
Unifyer, Minister of Finance
Dre4mwe4ver, Minister of Advice from Dre4mwe4ver
The Honourable Chief Justice Levon,
Grand Inquisitor of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization,
Architect of the Modern Charter Renaissance,
Loyal Lifetime Civil Servant,
and Keeper of the Red Tape,
does hereby;
    (1) Authorise the above treaty text as a certified authentic document, drafted by the Office of the Grand Inquisitor;
    (2) Confirm the above treaty text as legal, under both international and GATO domestic law;
    (3) Declare that the war be unofficially known as the 14 Days' War;
    (4) Allow his signature to be added to the document, with all of its respective credibility and prestige.


Signed for New Pacific Order
Lord of Darkness, Emperor
Jesse End, Regent
Emperor Ice, Imperial Officer
DeathAdder, Imperial Officer
SynysterGates, Imperial Officer
Tebeat, Imperial Officer


Signed for IRON
Blade 619, President
Captain Crozier, Minister of the Vault
Finster Baby, Minister of Defence
Hertt, Miniter of the Interior

Edited by deathbiter
added italics around "14 Days' War" that were left out
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It was a pleasure to fight with you, COBRA, Non Grata, and everyone else!  


As for our opponents, I'm sorry things went the way they did for you, and I hope events don't repeat themselves.

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A list of signatures four times as long as the peace text itself? It feels as if there must have been an overreaction here, somewhere along the line...


That, or I'm getting better at writing more concise documents? That can't be!

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