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  1. NLoN did something dumb? I have expressed for years that Darwinism should have allowed to take its course- but the TE welfare system allowed them to continue to exist. Hopefully D1 has identified their past mistakes and go no-mercy on the oath breakers. How much longer can the bottom feeding rats of TE prevail?
  2. What about in-game money compensation, for emotional distress?
  3. This round it was communicated that a scientific development center, pentagon, and great university needed to be purchased before an MP could be. The person I’m fighting has an MP and not the pre-requisites
  4. Also- I’d like to be refunded the money for the spy op it cost me to away a nuke that shouldn’t have existed in the first place. ... and 100 million in compensation for emotional distress
  5. This is the most activity I’ve seen from you, this early in the round
  6. my religion does not recognize such festivity. Now excuse me while I go to my temple to meditate.
  7. Wes wasted 30 seconds out of his life responding to that- we wasted 5 seconds of our life reading it. nobody, literally nobody expects OP to declare an early round offensive war. I would have better odds traveling to the North Pole and witnessing an actual polar bear slamming down a real glass coca-cola before ever considering the possibility of OP doing anything early.
  8. Since when did OP declare an offensive war early? ... what a FaceTime
  9. Greetings Tournament Edition Patrons. As the previous round comes to a conclusion and in anticipation of Round 52, let us discuss the state of Planet Steve. Upon returning to this world, the three choices of flag running capabilities are as follows: AL Bundy's side, Hiredgun's side, or playing the "Where's Waldo" tactic of wherever Stevie resides- how boring. There was a time when OP was a revered alliance, it's a pity they are here in name-only. They are fat and bored, the only mobility of their political affairs rely on the backs of constantly complaining. And then there's the infamous D1, a setting of old members who really don't follow the political diagram that once made them dominate because they really don't need to. A few cheap shots at any logical excuse to peg AL early (and cheaply) and the only real threat to them is eliminated. NLoN remains the same where President Horton is absolutely clueless and it would be a prolific victory if he could manage to tie his shoes in the morning. Now there are gems out there, I find Carpet Beetle, Rattata, Wiley Coyote, Cowboy, and even the potty-mouthed RoadRash to be a breath of relief that this world has not settled into a state of an absolute hell hole. But somethings missing.. Purpose. Gone are the days when drama, political backstabbing, and genuine community outreach and sustaining the sacred gentleman's agreement was at stake. There was a time when rogues didn't win, a time when the community bonded together to obliterate any early round swing out to preserve our planet- those times have past. What once was a globalized sustaining engine of goodwill has found itself in a state of populist egos, whos only existence is to remain quiet out of fear of persecution, gone are the alliances who withstood the status quo and created equality amongst the minority who faced persecution from alliances like Eurasia, Atlas, and TDO. That alliance has returned, The Roman Empire- in all of her beauty and retained good qualities. I hope to see her through. Our world needs drama, dialogue, and a promotion of sustained play. I hope whether you are a new or veteran player alike, you consider the alternative of a moderate round and find yourself as the driving factor for the betterment of Tournament Edition, the Roman Empire. Thank you. - Lord Hitchcock
  10. Also- idea from years ago still holds true, cap alliances at 12 members
  11. “Build and they will come” I hereby declare that the Roman Empire will be re-established for Round 52.
  12. I like the casualty portion of this idea, prevents early nuke swing-out that knocks nations out early in the round.
  13. I really really really like these 3 ideas. And all these years I thought Bundy was hollow inside that skull
  14. I’ve haven’t seen this much flopping since my last fishing trip in the mountains. Cowboy had better quality fighters. What a knock off brand D1 has become
  15. I do appreciate the excellent gif (OOC: great show)
  16. Enjoy your round D1, it’s the last round where you’ll enjoy your meal without the need of a straw. HG has crossed too many lines. best of luck AW
  17. LOL! Boognish so good they spell ‘cruise missile’ correct. We love they die. Very Very good!
  18. Remember when everybody used to stick up for NLoN when they couldn’t tie their shoe laces? Flash forward years later and they still can’t tie their shoe laces. Should’ve let Darwinism run it’s coarse. OP- if you’re reading this, would strongly recommend you run to Peace Mode. ... I think that’s about it for AA call outs, I lived to see the day Artificial Nations become our biggest threat to TE
  19. In Defcon Ranger’s defense, it did avoid the meat grinder of the Cult.
  20. I do not speak on behalf of the Cult, my opinion on the matter is of my own view: I do not believe HG is behind such rogues- he was one of the biggest proponents against such behavior many times in the past (many wars fought over this, for example against atlas and devil dogs) Love him-or-hate him, these multis and these recent actions are not of his work.
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