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  1. It sure is exciting but it doesn’t top other surprises as of late:
  2. A nice little slip-in, let’s do the math: First it wasn’t ‘decommissions’ it was just one wonder, I believe an SDI right? SDI = 75 million 3600 tech = 270 million This doesn’t even factor in having to rebuy to 4999 in return for the remaining TIE members to get peace and not having to be plugged for the duration of the conflict, saving TIE hundreds of millions of dollars. This is why TIE is still here while cobra is no longer. But you were on a time limit to decide!? Well according to your own people: Sounds to me Lucious like Claws gave you a deal of a lifetime and you got to keep your alliance which is pretty generous given the circumstances for spying and all that.
  3. Actually it was brilliantly executed but thanks
  4. What stance? Sure, he made some impulsive sanctions and obviously he’s gonna take crap for it and probably won’t be Senator next cycle. People do stupid stuff and Kapleo can (and I hope) recovers from going rouge. If you’re trying to politicize that I support an unstable white sphere or Kapleo’s abuse of the senate position I do not (clear enough for ya?)... though I don’t think it’s the end of the road for him either. The Lilwards of the world will use the opportunity and try to sqeeeze every little bit of PR dribble, but I prefer Canik’s rationale. TR:DR it’s not a big deal
  5. He’s active at saying he’s not going to do anything fun, typical boring paper pusher. Having remembered the time Methrage and Sir Kindle went sanction crazy on brown, this gave me a bit of a chuckle. So props to Kapleo for having some fun
  6. We looked around and realized the micro world isn’t like it used to be and we really didn’t want conflict with TIE- worthy opponents, but because new adventures. You prevailed throughout the years and brought other micros forward with you. U bloc was a lot of fun, I admired Lucious micro freedom rants in LDKs channel, and before that when TIE stood with SRA and firmly against the libertarian bloc. Cheers to you and Lucious, and enjoy your new home.
  7. You have to forgive Franz, you see, now that you’re venturing out; it’s best that you know that your former leader, Kapleo, wasn’t a very nice ruler. His council was bankrolled by foreign alliances and influence and he spent the majority of his time attempting to start wars. Honestly having you at the helm brings comfort and stability to the micro world and I’ll take that over honest inexperience any day. I wish you well in your endeavors.
  8. This little green basketball never abandoned the core values of seeking the betterment of all micros. Your glory days occurred during a time when micros stood together during the U bloc era. How far you have fallen to watch another micro get purged and sit idle, vassaling at the the teet of a whale, and turn a blind eye to the dedicated cobra members (non gov) who’s only fault was being part of a micro lifestyle you once lobbied for.
  9. I think that’s a bit of a exaggeration if you’re accusing claws of some diabolical November plotting scheme. How that war transpired NG felt entitled enough for a sit down and discuss a the war which is much more than they afforded their past enemies. Of course once they were granted something that they absolutely never afforded anyone else, they then leveraged it to weasel their way to peace. I see the current grinding down of cobra who’s dedicated members were pointed to the mercy boards because Tiki chose inaction as a micro getting purged. If that was his position prior to the war than cobra would have folded on their own and NGs attacks only sped up the process. Cobra could have been saved, salvaged, and better afterwards but the goodwill of NG only applies when it’s their own skin to save.
  10. LOL NG got hit by NPO and kicked and screamed until they were granted a sympathy peace. yet here you are...
  11. I think Kashmir, given the cards they were dealt, handled the situation top notch. Of course you and I have always disagreed on everything- though we can agree to that. I get to watch the implosions sipping mai tais on planet bob’s margarita theme islands while watching failed leaders like yourself chime against, another still functioning, and non vassal alliance’s affairs. also, hello Lucious
  12. Canik, so conflicted with you as I always wanted to like you but never had the chance. You brought a since of ‘rationale’ to this place and had quite a clue with the smallest details. You’ve earned your retirement. Salute
  13. Has this been accepted by your members?
  14. As a follow up, did reach out and I agree with Stewie on this.
  15. Well well well, Non Grata finally realizing they are despicable. Waiting for that Caustic to apologize for all the hurtful things he’s ever said about me...
  16. I’m surprised you can even fit through a doorway with that noggin
  17. Hello Paul, I’m so glad you’re coming back. Yes, AW has been the evil hegemony and we all live in constant fear. Oh save us white knight
  18. because it’s not true, but that’s always been the difference between me and you. I’m not some sketch ball who just speaks falsehoods; honesty, transparency, and integrity are my cross to bear in this world.
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