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Joe Stupid

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Article I: Sovereignty
We are our own alliances.

Article II: LightSaber Bears
An attack on one signatory is an attack on both signatories. Should someone hit either signatory, the other will respond with /deadly force/

Article III: Not so fast!
Non-chaining, it is.

Article IV: Aggressive Behaviors during mating season
The mating season is a sight to behold. Aggressive displays of lightsaber dueling and push-up competitions often turn deadly. If that is the case the Bear Cavalry or the Sith could call upon the other for assistance. It is totally optional.

Article V:  Hoo adopts a puppy
Hoo has 30 days to adopt a puppy. Non-Nonnegotiable.

Article VI: Withdrawal
Sometimes Sith and Bears don’t get along. 72 hour notice will be given should we decide to go our separate ways.



Signed for The New Sith Order


Joe Stupid- Emperor

Spartacus- Dark Lord

Rayvon- Sith Lord

Adolph Mussolini- Sith Lord

TheListener- Sith Lord

Rebel Virginia- He used to be Dark Lord you know


Signed for The Bear Cavalry,

Shurukian, The Voice of Reason
Van Hoo III, The Voice of Aggression
Gibsonator21, The Voice of Indifference

* NOTE: Flag provided by NADC :D




It seems he's blowing up our flag.

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