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  1. CB Accepted and Acknowledged. This is the best CB in years.
  2. Did you really take this and turn it into propaganda? Man I'm gonna get WC to yank on your leash a little bit harder.
  3. You realize that would mean that 9/600 is an underestimation of what you guys do for tech deals right?
  4. Certainly looks like its good keeping it all in the family.
  5. It is indeed very impressive, though If you were to give MI6/Umbrella the amount of nations that NPO has I would not be surprised at that level of Tech. Actually I'd expect Umbrella to find a way to import 300k somehow magically.Still credit where credit is due congrats on those beautiful import numbers.
  6. Why would anyone take trash like you?
  7. IAA was slightly more active then if you recall, but still inactive.
  8. Doch FTW, Captain of the IAA Troll Squads

  9. Sad to see my friend Chimaera Step Down, however I am sure Voodoo will succeed in his new role as the emperor.
  10. I agree that I will be known as an unalligned nation upon entering this competition. This means that Batallion is fully authorized to use military force if necessary should I refuse to pay my debts. I agree to follow all the rules stated above and by no means will I attempt to try and loophole through a trivial set of rules. I understand that I may be charged for a maximum of 200 tech (or 6 million) according to the Winnings above. My Nation Name: TheDarkBrotherhood My Nation Ruler: TheListener My Alliance: The Indigo Plateau Link To My Nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_dis
  11. This is what Protectorate number 3 for you guys? You drop LoSS after they help pay for your stupidity, and now you're dropping ODN after they did what? went to war with an alliance you would have preferred to ally?
  12. [quote name='AirMe' date='02 April 2010 - 01:11 AM' timestamp='1270185099' post='2245072'] If, I, what, do huh now? [/quote] It would appear that the cat has your tongue AirMe....
  13. lol well played admin... May admin have mercy on your souls NONE... that just seems so awkward since Admin is the one smiting here....
  14. [quote name='Shurukian' date='01 April 2010 - 03:00 PM' timestamp='1270148428' post='2244136'] Even so, reps don't carry over with a merger. You merge, you forfeit. I'd say that the clock was reset to zero the second the merger happened. I'm sure LUE will still want reps, but they can't claim reps for MK, as MK no longer exists. They can only claim reps for what happens from this day on. [/quote] Very Interesting theory Shuru, but last I checked the Victor writes history...
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