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  1. veracity

    Declaration of Peace!

    This is a fail. I've fought colds longer than this went on for.
  2. veracity

    Nightclub Overflowing: An Upgrade

    boogie nights... but watch out for disco Stu... he will roofie you!
  3. still dunno how to read...someone teach my camel!
  4. this message has been approved
  5. veracity

    Royal Proclomation Of Doom Kingdom

    I see a lot of familiar faces in this thread... now i dont feel so bad... still cant find my pants tho. Oh well cheers!
  6. ***and another one bites the dust***
  7. veracity


    o/ this for no good reason
  8. veracity

    Lines being drawn and whatnot

    Am i too late to troll on this?
  9. veracity

    The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated

    Its worth selling me tech lol
  10. veracity


    Consult master hakai as his memory is better than mine
  11. veracity


    I was all... TCB is back???
  12. veracity

    Commonwealth of Orange States

    Am i missing your gov list?
  13. veracity

    Treaty Cancellation

    Congrats to both parties ;-)
  14. veracity

    Independent Announcement

    This is a good example of diplomatic skills right herr.