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  1. An interesting target might have just presented itself.
  2. Pretty sure that TBC is ran by gowfanatic's avatar.
  3. Stopping anyone would require way too much effort! ... just like posting a DoW ... :X Honorary members don't get to vote ... if, you know, we actually voted on things. Besides, it's clear that TBC is now a dictatorship and is ran by yours truly. That, of course, means that all members may now do whatever they want as TBC is now a full blown anarchy.
  4. No one below the rank of smurthwaite is allowed to post in this thread.
  5. I mean, Pokemon Go is adding Generation 2 ... so I have a lot on my plate right now.
  6. Noticed that i posted my Mock Draft here once ... back in 2011. lol Six years later, here is my most recent mock. It's from before the Senior Bowl, right when the practices had started. Not sure how many NFL fans are still left here (that aren't already on my FB and have already seen this), but ... Round 1: 1. Cleveland Browns - Myles Garrett, OLB/DE, Texas A&M Needs: QB, Edge, CB, RB, OL Garrett is the currently the consensus #1 overall player and would finally give the Browns a pass rusher that other teams have to account
  7. Joined mid-2007 and was told the same thing by several people. lol
  8. Aren't "old timers" all that is really left? lol
  9. I hope someone steps in and takes this over, but if they do they will have huge shoes to fill. Thank you, Gopher. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement from the ASR.
  10. Hey, I know you. :P While we'll take whatever success we can get, I don't think that level of success is realistically attainable anymore.
  11. Having Mogar announce the protectorate was oddly fitting.
  12. We DoE'd this week just so we can appear during your last week of ASR. :wub:
  13. Nope. Not us. We actually hope they've rectified whatever was going on over there ...
  14. The Bear Cavalry We The Bear Cavalry, being horrible and despicable people, have decided to come together as an alliance. Our charter: Our government: The Triumvirate of The Bear Cavalry Gibsonator21 Shurukian Van Hoo III Our forums and IRC channel: www.thebearcavalry.com #thebearcavalry
  15. It's truly the beginning of the end.
  16. Nope. Nope. Nope. I'll stick to my 1-2 hours at the gym four days a week instead.
  17. I just stopped by to say that I am pleased. From my head to my toes, pleased.
  18. I've been told that you should join MI6. I am here to reiterate that.
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