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  1. Oooh oooh I know, MI6 must disband their government, no leadership is allowed. ever. Best term in the world.
  2. I think it's in the Oculus treaty, but when one member is at war with someone all members are at war with that alliance. However is this really what you want to worry about right now?
  3. Get in line, It started at Gibsonator and goes like 20 people long.
  4. I'm so confused by these declarations, but good luck I guess.
  5. How to tell you're on the right side of history: you're not on whatever !@#$%* side of it myth is on.
  6. Heres the thing you keep pretending like these people did absolutely nothing to try and change the culture of MI6 while they had the power to do so, they did the issue is as follows the culture of your alliance will never change until the cult of personality disappears, so they had an option blow up the alliance and take the remnants or they could do what they did which was move on with their lives and let MI6 continue to be its own sshtshow self.
  7. Girls girls, you're both pretty. It doesn't matter why there's a war. Just fight the war and get it done with sheesh.
  8. Wait let me get this straight, you're not a useless relic of a time gone by?
  9. And as SirWilliam has already pointed out, there has already been an agreement on what NSO can and will offer in the ways of assistance to Kashmir, though frankly that's between us and Kashmir.
  10. I'm Not sure if you're dense or just completely and totally ignorant.
  11. Wow for all the hemming and the hawing I've been hearing about attempting to get this war off the ground it sure seems like you gave up on it rather quickly.
  12. Shh shh, let him think what he wants.
  13. What a deflection, If you're going to try and deflect at least be aware of what you're deflecting towards.
  14. Damn I wonder what it feels like to have your tail tucked between your legs so tightly. Obligatory, have fun polar. I always did hate Junka.
  15. FTFY A Sparty fan would murder you for mistaking them with that school from Ann Arbor.
  16. Welp I know who isn't dumb in the TBC tri. here's a hint it's Hoo because his taste in Cookies is obviously superior to the other two. Also They're SAMOAS.
  17. Congratulations on the upgrade to both parties
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