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  1. Who is cowering? Slipping into pm to restock is not cowering. It's more of Cobra can't manage to conduct themselves in any reasonable manner so they keep getting hit.
  2. Obviously you're lacking the knowledge and how to properly look things up. You can very well see the peace had already been sent to Lex prior to any Aid being sent out. I would have thought that with your time in this game you would have been able to look that up.Your ineptitude is showing.
  3. Can you speak exactly to the degree of humiliation there was? How am I to know if there is humiliation if one does not communicate that to me?
  4. Lex's name was not on the list. Had he been added at the appropriate time this issue could have been avoided.
  5. An apology was made to Lyanna via private channels. At no point in time did she respond. However after said message was sent she remained posting in Cobra General Discord. At no time did any Cobra member or government make any attempt to resolve any issue whatsoever. They neglected to note that I had been personally posting in their General chat. They had more than ample opportunity to speak with me. Edited to add: peace has been sent to lex
  6. This is a fail. I've fought colds longer than this went on for.
  7. boogie nights... but watch out for disco Stu... he will roofie you!
  8. I see a lot of familiar faces in this thread... now i dont feel so bad... still cant find my pants tho. Oh well cheers!
  9. Consult master hakai as his memory is better than mine
  10. This is a good example of diplomatic skills right herr.
  11. Google might be of some help here. Ziggy was helping. Dunno what your looking for here after that. Good luck in your venture and get a protectorate asap.
  12. Sounds fun. Too bad your not in my range.... next time ok?
  13. Guides... you need to read them. Then read them again! Once you Master econ and war guides then you might be ready to do something in a government capacity. Seems to me that you havnt. This may be in part why people have criticized you in last thread. Shortage of cruise missles? We are still messing with noobs? Guess i didnt get the memo
  14. Most hated player tywin The fact that im not on here proves that the rock im hiding under is safe!
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