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  1. congrats NSO i'd say hopefully you will get another 7 but i dont think the game will last, so lets hope you are around till the end
  2. i cant wait to see the puppy :smug:
  3. thanks for the years of service. most read thread 10/10
  4. we would put you 2nd behind NebX this was true for a while but i think having something for the new AA to rally together around was a good thing overall at times it was too much but all fun in the end i dont think ive been around bob for long enough(post karma) to judge worst AA's of all time
  5. i endorse this as well did it hurt to hail TOP?
  6. if you know whats going on in MI6 backroom they are doomed
  7. there was no love for kashmir and you guys were vocal about it as well. we even gave you a very valid CB and you didnt take it. now we have moved on, im indifferent about you guys now hurry and get ZI'd smurth
  8. all the best Kem im waiting for houston to try and turn us into a democracy...
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