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  1. This game reminds me of why humanity should burn. You all are naive. MI6 has shown it was more than capable of handling alliances bigger than itself, against odds that otherwise that would have lesser alliances bend their knee. And yet, in the end, we coddled to no one. As last true M of MI6 - RIP. Egos killed the project.
  2. Os coddling to NPO. Big surprise. Edit: ODN to Os. The opinions of Os hardly reflect ODN as a whole.
  3. RIP TBC. You knew Oculus was going to get you burnt when you signed though, so no pity.
  4. Quite ironic a bloc that rolls my alliance multiple times, pulls the "this alliance is threatening us" card. See you on the battlefield, nonetheless.
  5. I'll make sure to ask for your permission first, next time.
  6. MI6 has held its regular elections - and the results are in. I am pleased to announce our new government: Ms - Avakael/ForSparta 001 International - Roy Mustang 002 Military - Bernkastel 003 Domestic - Levon 004 Economics - Chimaera 005 International - DC 007 - James Bond
  7. You're a bastard for copying my 40k'ness, just saying.
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