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  1. If TBC had such a problem with MI6 in January, maybe, just maybe, y'all should've attacked in on I don't know...January?
  2. When the NGgers are tasked with upholding community standards, you realize how terrible the powers that be have made this sad sad planet
  3. Damn if only TPF was this tenacious last war...
  4. I see Emperor Grub has grown flaccid in his olden age. Congrats on the strategic victory Junka, nothing like blueballing an entire coalition.
  5. I don't always agree with reythegay, but when I do, it's usually because someone (or something) is just that horrible.
  6. You must be naturally disappointed all the time. Or is it that you're a natural disappoint? No wait, a national disappointment!
  7. Yes Saxasms above post is a delightful show of how improper research leads one to looking like an ass when making commentary on a subject they clearly know little to nothing about. Let it stand as a case study of the devolution of Pacifica thought
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