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  1. Wait Starwars themed announcement, with one of them New something something Order types... Whew, its Jedi and Pacifica. I can heartily approve of that.
  2. Friendly raiding sounds nicer than hostilities, but okay. We do rarely post treaties, I think we did a post for joining cng... but that was the exception not the rule, all our treaties have a wall o' text that goes with them we just dont clutter the owf with it. Enjoy your hostilities, we will enjoy our raids, casualties for everyone involved. Have fun everybody.
  3. Let us see what if I have found it acceptable or not... status: Accepted. Okay, I too find it acceptable.
  4. Clearly we need Franz to weigh in on this... its not official otherwise.
  5. I think SLAP had a variety of valid CB's 1.) Alexio, the best CB of all time good for any occasion 2.) Accepting a nation at war for those who like a more traditional CB 3.) oA clause in our treaty with AM means our entry with ally is valid. I could keep going but I think it is enough to know that yes there was a collection of CBs all presented on a silver platter. Absolutely, if they had stuck it out for even a couple of rounds they could have got us to do white peace. We like short fun wars, but surrendering in less than a single round is a bit too short. I admit I hadn't even read the terms, but I don't read the opening terms in most negotiations. Seriously who takes the first offer? At least make a good counter offer... In any case, I wish OoT well going forward.
  6. It is vital that one makes sure that one's Ojwardsc is pointed in the right direction, always point your Ojwardsc in the direction of victory.
  7. Indeed... For Alexio is the great CB of our time, may he lead us Ojwardsc to victory!
  8. For Alexio, we have to ojwardsc them all to death.
  9. Too late, we already started to ojwardsc to victory and now we don't know how to stop.
  10. Good sir, while I may not speak on behalf of A-team I can assure you that we here at SLAP have a policy on raiding, If we raid you that is good and proper if you raid us... we kick your teeth down your neck, as is good and proper. I would think that A-teams actions also would indicate a pro-raiding leaning, as they seem to be raiding as we speak. I wouldn't wish for there to be any confusion as to our stance on a matter of such import.
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