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Novus Ordo Seclorum
These signatories hold much in common, but primarily the will to establish their place in the Halls of Greatness. As Watchers, and arbitrators, of their own destiny. Beholding the world of Bob, and creating Order out of Chaos. This is why they have chosen this path.

Section 1
The signatories are sovereign alliances bound together for the purpose of mutually beneficial action. This may include more than what is enumerated in this document. Each signatory shall remain cordial and refrain from aggressive action toward one another.

Section 2
An attack on one signatory is an attack on all signatories. All signatories shall provide military, economic and diplomatic assistance. This clause supersedes all other treaties held by signatories.

Section 3
Signatories may assist with wars of aggression initiated by other signatories. This assistance is only obligatory in the event that the Bloc previously decided to support the unilateral action.

Section 4
Signatories shall share all important information to one another in a discreet and timely manner. This includes all information that allows the signatory to make a wiser decision for its economic, diplomatic, military or internal well-being. All discussions within the Bloc shall remain confidential.

Section 5 [Redacted]

Section 6 - [Redacted]

Section 7
I. Affiliates of this Bloc may be created with senatorial approval for the purpose of world domination. Affiliates may partake in joint planning and military action but shall not partake in votes and leadership-level discussion. Affiliates and signatories reserve the right to take any military action alongside one another. Affiliates may be present for and give input on discussions of military actions they may partake in, but they shall not learn the details of the final vote. To remain an affiliate, alliances must be on a similar political trajectory to the signatories. In the event that affiliates are no longer on a similar political trajectory, efforts will be made to inform them of this in a timely manner and allow them to adjust as needed.

II. In order to be elevated to membership, an alliance must already be an affiliate. Unanimous consent of the signatories is required.

Section 8
Signatories shall provide 96 hours notice prior to leaving the Bloc. All other signatories must be informed of this decision before the 96 hour waiting period shall begin. All provisions of this document shall remain in effect on all parties until the 96 hours has passed.

Senate and People of Oculus
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