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  1. Eretz Yisrael

    Oculus Third Decree

    but i wanted to see what that one guy that was mad about it would do in three or two days time :(
  2. Eretz Yisrael

    monsters incorporated

    what happens after three days?
  3. My respect for our years old bond between each other is drying out with the constant crying about it, and frankly I love the moralistic high horse you're all riding. You were right there along with us being violent thugs against the rest of the planet.   Hey remember that time we 'slaughtered' GPA together? Fun times!   Please stop your tantrums and just give us your best fight, not your best whine.
  4. Eretz Yisrael

    Oculus' Second Decree

    Sorry GPA, you guys are no longer the subject of the most disgusting act the evil empire has ever perpetuated. :(
  5. Eretz Yisrael

    We're watching you

    they're very special forces  :smug:
  6. Eretz Yisrael

    A Declaration of WAR

    its like a living breathing comic book.  cant wait for the reboot
  7. Eretz Yisrael

    A Declaration of WAR

    wow you are really committed to this
  8. Eretz Yisrael

    We're watching you

    omg eddard was right all along :O
  9. are you a comic book? thats the only way to explain your bizarre fetish with emphasizing words
  10. Eretz Yisrael

    1848- the KEY to historiography

    i bet you think shakespeare's work was written by a black woman too
  11.   you know its not 2008 anymore, right?
  12. Eretz Yisrael

    Verdict of Swash Plates And Tail Rotors

      ya, cause that really looks like pettiness in the timeframe it happened. dont mistake my criticism of your actions as dislike. you're not nearly annoying enough for that  :ehm:
  13. Eretz Yisrael

    Verdict of Swash Plates And Tail Rotors

      Well, what did you want us to think when you accepted the aid offer and then two minutes later quit the alliance and hopped into peace mode? That it was "for the road" ?
  14. Eretz Yisrael

    Verdict of Swash Plates And Tail Rotors

      and by "raid" you mean "attacked by the NPO because i'm an aid thief" ?