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  1. i bet you think shakespeare's work was written by a black woman too
  2. mmmm yes, give me more of that pre-karma NPO hatred
  3. You speak as if 100% of our alliance is in peace mode.
  4. And today we see another attempt by hostiles to invade the sovereign territory of the New Pacific Order, and what a lame attempt it is too. Federation of Imperial Red Empires? Absurd grammar aside, it seems that the founder just wanted a cool name and mashed together four words that would form the acronym FIRE. Is this the grand humanitarian effort coming to save the Red Sphere? A Red Cross with one member and FIRE, the totally amazing and super cool alliance with that unique name and that special "Fire Lord" as their leader. I've really got to wonder what's more important to the unaligned nations in the Red Sphere - more lunatics with potentially more trades (cause they won't have their trades set up already, right?), or guaranteed protection from tech raiders that's been effectively going on since we implemented the Revenge Doctrine. Dang, tough choice.
  5. When did we ever pile on reps on to an unknown amount of reps (or the timeframe of when terms would be given?)
  6. I find it ironic that you speak up now instead of before, when you might have actually made a difference. As it is, you are responsible for your misery, Kylliah, for I saw nothing but total silence from you while you were in the Order. Was it cowardice that drove you to silence, I wonder?
  7. Good evening ladies and gentlemen of Planet Bob, this is your Pacific Press late night news hour! It's breaking news time here in the news room, as reports are flooding in from every nook and cranny on the front lines that the cowardly, inept Pacifican leaders and military commanders are desperately hiding in war mode. For weeks now, enemies from all over the war have been insisting that our leaders were too busy tucking their tails between their legs and hiding from the war, leaving the grunts to do the dirty work. Well, now it's been confirmed that almost every single leader is in fact, hiding! In war mode, that is. It is only thanks to the brilliant organization and sheer moral superiority of our enemies that these revelations have been brought to light. We now present you with cold statistical proof that the leadership of the New Pacific Order are the spineless fools that hide in their bunkers, day in, day out! Not pictured: cowardice.
  8. Written by Cortath: Why is Karma Fighting? Azaghul's post on the World Affairs forum brilliantly highlights the problems of Karma: are they fighting a defensive war, or are they fighting a war of revenge? This, I suppose is the crux of the matter, and where the divisions in Karma are clear. If it's the former, I think the actions you are taking should be clear. But many seem to favor the latter, and speak out for harsh reparations. There are implications here. Firstly, how far back are we going? Are those alliances presently in Karma, who have sided with the New Pacific Order in the past, or who have benefited from "harsh reparations" going to be joining Pacifica in giving out reparations? Will the Grämlins be giving back tech to the New Polar Order? How about Umbrella? Or TOP? Will Ragnorak give back money and technology to Neuva Vida? Secondly, it seems to have been forgotten that TORN, more than the New Pacific Order, was in favor of the actions against Ordo Verde. Will TORN be asked for additional reparations at the conclusion of this war? Or rather are they the pattern we are to follow, meaning the NPO will be receiving very light terms? Thirdly, why so much talk of GATO? You're not in GATO. GATO isn't with Karma. GATO isn't fighting. If GATO wanted to fight, they certainly could. If GATO wanted you to be their spokespeople, they certainly could do that too. I can't help but notice all the parading about of these "Defenders of GATO." Did you defend GATO during the war against them? Did you help GATO rebuild after they were released from their terms? I would direct you to Chairman Kevlar's recent statements on the matter. He's stated quite plainly: what happened between GATO and the NPO is for us alone. Fourthy, if this is ushering in a new, moral order, can you tell us about it please? We'd like to know what's going to be against the rules the next time we play. Is Karma going to be the great United Nations of Planet Bob and form some sort of World Court, so everyone can be judged based on their actions? In conclusion, this is clear to us: a plot was made against us, prior to the state of this conflict, as had been explicitly stated before. Many alliances wanted to roll the New Pacific Order. They're going to use any reason they can, regardless of its legitimacy, regardless of the fact that they agreed with it before, regardless of the fact that they joined us in the very wars they now decry, to accomplish their goal. Karma's actions towards us from the beginning were clear that this was a war they wanted, a war they sought: from the initial peace negotiations, to their willingness to separate TORN, who were so cowardly as to take the white peace, from the second peace negotiations where we given a "minute" to agree to terms we had agreed to but had a question about, to the bandwagoning of dozens of alliances whom we had not wronged in this conflict, and to the cowardice of those alliances who conveniently stepped away. This is not a defensive war. This is not a war of justice, or of revenge, but a war of conquest.
  9. At least someone in the karma coalition has the guts to admit their real intentions.
  10. The top 100 is not the entire alliance. What about the other 700 nations? Are they irrelevant?
  11. The way the community reacts anytime there is a protracted war, it won't take too long for cries of "FREE PACIFICA" to deafen your ears.
  12. The difference between us and them is that proportionally, we have far more nations fighting than they ever did.
  13. You are aware that your leaders told everyone time and time again that peace mode is cowardice when they engaged alliances that used that tactic, right? You are aware that when they used it, everyone tried to hide in peace mode, right?
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