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  1. We hate when Letum does that (?), really pisses us off. Comprehension on point.
  2. What the heck is Tywin gonna do with a 140 character limit?
  3. But just think. If they survive the apocalypse, they won't have to wait for tee times.
  4. We have our top diplomats working on that as we spe-... Damn it Pedro! Stop chewing on the sofa!
  5. The lack of honor around here is pathetic.
  6. Arguing over spy ops, you kiddin' me? You guys ruin everything.
  7. I agree, MK have been absolute monsters this past year and a half.
  8. Well, this is a callout thread after all - I'd love to see some of that well documented history when you get a chance. You know why? Cause its a great excuse to cling to when you finally realize that acting like callous ^#@holes for years caused you to lose a lot of friends along the way, and gee golly wouldn't it be great if it was someone- anyone else's fault but MI6.
  9. Out of context? Myth, I realize this is the OWF and you have to posture and puff your chest or whatever, but at the time I sent you those logs and you apologized to me and admitted you were wrong because you were not previously aware that such a discussion had taken place. If you want to run to the highest peak and cry bloody murder about how slimy I am for whatever past transgressions you believe I have committed against MI6, be my guest, I honestly could care less what you think about loyalty. But your tune seems to have changed dramatically from when that little tidbit of (entirely relevant and in context) information first surfaced.
  10. I've been drinking Butters' Creamy Goo ever since this topic was posted. Hopefully it will inspire me with the Commitment and Camaraderie necessary to regain my lost honor.
  11. They have more members on IRC in a given day, sure. But you really kinda dodged my question there.
  12. Tbf, wasn't that MI6's self-espoused strategy at its inception? To "win" the game by playing pragmatic realpolitik and abandon concerns over moral judgement?
  13. Decipherable? Which parts did you have trouble with, big guy? :(
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