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  1. I noticed that there hasn't been a global war since 2013, when, in the past, there have been global wars every 3 or so months. I can imagine that by now, everyone is very restless and waiting for the next big conflict. I imagine that since we've waited so long, when the next global war comes forth, it will unleash a tidal wave and shake the very fabric of this game. What do you think?
  2. I believe there should be restraint in attacking a nation just because it sent non-military foreign aid to a country. I also believe it should be considered unkind to attack a nation participating in a Tech Deal with another nation at war. In real life, such an act would be considered illegal. Just because Sweden traded with both the Allies and the Axis doesn't mean it should have been attacked by either side.
  3. Also, my point was is that there hasn't been ANY Alliance vs Alliance wars since April. That is certainly odd.
  4. Good point indeed, though I bet there has been exceptions in the past. I have read up a lot in the global wars that CN has had, down to the very first war, the GATO-INC War. I wonder when there will be a war big enough to call Great War IV. My guess is that it will involve over half of the nations in the game and it will end with the Hegemony being completely thrown out of whack. It will also see the biggest spike in Global Radiation ever.
  5. I've noticed the wars on CN have stopped since the Prototype-Armpit Platoon War of April 2013. I fear that a massive war, worse than the Equilibrium War, will occur when this stops. There is always a calm before the storm, and I fear that this is that calm. Your thoughts?
  6. LOLman789789

    War Stories

    This is sickening! Look at how many people are dying every day!
  7. URGENT: I need Foreign Aid of at least 1$ Mil-3$ Mil. I have been attacked by GOONS and I need more resources to fight back at them successfully. But I can't without enough money. Whats worse is that I and my small alliance are now involved in the Dave War because of this. Link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=476361 EDIT: Whoever sends the money in will be offered protection from external threats for life on Cyber Nations by the Sword Alliance. And if you don't have an Alliance, we would like to have you with us for helping us.
  8. I am requesting 6 Million to rebuild my nation from non-nuclear Anarchy. Nation Link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=476361
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