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  1. whew... 15 years ago I joined GATO for the first time. How the hell did we even remember it was our birthday?
  2. I forgot I had a nation until I signed in today... Days Since Last Bill Payment 871
  3. You mean Canik got his feelings hurt over a few words? Words said by GK? Glad to see that in my slumber nothing has changed here on this planet. Please continue to assist in the spread of the cancer that is brainless thought here, instead of actually going to war with people who pose an actual existential threat to you. I'll check back in a few months to see some people getting rolled by some other people and then see the complaining they are doing, failing to realize that they are being bent into a pretzel because they couldn't pull their head out of their asses long enough to actually do something positive in the game.
  4. You don’t know what you’ve done... Greywall? Dre4m? My god... W as AC... A challenge against my WAE govt...
  5. I guess it’s my turn then? >:) you’ll make Wes AC or else Tbf... I took shots at NPO leadership and joined them too lol. We need Shinra back. I need someone I can complain about the world with.
  6. Depraved has risen from the grave and is going to kill you for that
  7. Oh boy... Kashmir signed paper. Guess I have to be nice to Morphine again...
  8. WAE is WAE... Their disease will spread to you through this and I assure you it's worse than feline aids.
  9. This is terrible and you should all be ashamed. Who invites SLAP into their neighborhood. There goes the property values. Congrats.
  10. Even though I've been on the receiving end of many of NG's ass kickings... I've also had the honour of fighting along side you. Overall, I enjoyed every encounter I had with you all, especially Abshire. RIP Tito you beautiful soul. o/ NG
  11. By being allied to C&G you’re both good and terrible. Feel free to forward all complaints to Os and all greviances to Tevron.
  12. Welp... You lot were great fun. Best of luck in future endeavors. Definitely made some interesting moves that made the game a little fun.
  13. Guys, we’re leaving out the important thing here. He’s a nuclear nation with an sdi who declared on nonnuclear nations with no sdi. He’s going to claim this as a moral victory for his “cause” no matter what you do or says
  14. Oooooof Brown has been a better place since
  15. Man I really need to get out of CN if C&G is this old... good to see rsox pop up. Can confirm C&G is still C&G in that it would probably roll itself to hold its promise to each other, stubborn bastards. Dang lot of salt coming from RV, I can’t quite remember what Atlas did to you? I mean GATO is still kicking it so I assume you’re just bitter about them like always.
  16. This guy is one of those people isn’t he? This is going to be fun. Continue to stand for your beliefs in the future.
  17. Daily Reminder: He’s in peace mode screaming at the top of his lungs people want to chase him out of this game because he disagrees with them instead of the OOC attacks he’s made on people and their family.
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