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  1. This is a late appearance but I'm not surprised that this is how y'all went out. Always had a bit of a soft spot for NG. Good luck out there.
  2. One of my favorite allies. You guys were great to work with over the years. Make sure to still visit us when you get a chance.
  3. Been there before. You were great to work with Frawley, enjoy a well deserved break.
  4. Oculus should just be nice and break up so they can fight amongst each other to make the game more fun for everyone else. Obviously the Continuum fell apart but only after years of dissatisfaction and slowly losing external support. With fewer alliances (both within the "ruling coalition" and the "opposition"), it becomes harder to swing alliances from one side to the other. There are simply less groups willing to switch. Although no coalition is forever, I don't think one has ever fallen because someone else asked them to.
  5. Thanks for the shoutout Sarkin. I'm a little late but it was always a real pleasure working with y'all. Good luck to all of your members though I expect many of them will not be heading too far from home.
  6. Bipolar was probably the best for me as a new nation. I began to move into upper govt as Dave and Equilibrium occurred so those were certainly interesting.
  7. What is dead may never die. All of those alliances are involved in Oculus one way or another so yeah it's just a bit of nostalgic fun.
  8. This is a new alliance founded by former members of Mortal Wombat. Mortal Wombat has 3 members on the AA (protected by VE last I checked). I guess they're still technically around but just to clarify I believe DT signed a treaty with these guys: http://www.cybernations.net/alliance_display.asp?ID=14310 We also have a treaty with these folks. Congrats to them and DT!
  9. It's never good when CN loses another established alliance. I've fought against you all a few times now and you were always a capable crew. Good luck to your members. As a side note, I guess this leaves just us, FAN and CCC as signatories of ZIPP.
  10. With allies like these, why would I ever need enemies? Good luck Supreme and Yenroh, you'll do great!
  11. Congratulations to my friend Frawley. He will do a great job.
  12. Caustic is horrible but this treaty may not be so bad.
  13. It's always sad to see an established alliance go. Good luck to all of you.
  14. I'm a little late but MW (and wF before it) has always held a special place for me. Good luck to all of my old friends as they move on to new homes.
  15. Alliances have certainly tried. It just doesn't last (or they eventually fall below that size).
  16. And now only 11 alliances have over a 100 members.
  17. You got us good with that one! We've never fought a war more than 2 weeks.
  18. Honestly, let's just roll Sengoku. They've been a menace to CN for years and it's unbelievable that we've let them get away with it!
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