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  1. Hail the Order! Farewell to an amazing Emperor and Hail to the new. Gods have mercy on all our souls for Lord of Darkness is now Regent.
  2. Strangely, I am flattered that if TPF had to choose a way to go out in their blaze they chose us. You know that we will meet you on the battle field and give you guys the casualties that you desire. Whether this be a short war or one that drags on for a time I am happy to have known TPF before and I am happy to be the blade you chose to end it with. Fight well TPF o/
  3. Vox started out as a small crusade... maybe there is something to this that we should heed.
  4. Even with you being a filthy neutral one can admire your collection of awesome people ;) . Congrats on 5!
  5. I do not know that which you speak of. Sorrry! I couldn't help it. Not often I am let out of the old folks home to party. I thought I would get a head start. :(
  6. Alas, if only there was a Penguin willing to step up and right the Pacifican ship and save us from our terrible fate. Also, bring caek.
  7. All hail our evil penguin overlord! I wonder if he will ever make his nation something that we can target and let the newbies have fun with?
  8. I am not sure we can survive this. Whatever will we do!?!? Protect us GGA!
  9. Honouring treaties, I can respect that. You guys also got a couple of decent nations on me in counter. Should make this more fun :) Having friends in alliances on the other side I wish you all the best of luck and hope that you have the time of your life. o/ Honouring Treaties o/ War
  10. Nothing like a good beer to get the party started.
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