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  1. LOL Thanks for showing the world that I was trying to be a stand-up dude about it.
  2. Ask me about the time that I drunkenly sent MI6 running into PM. Hit me up on Discord Tevron, you know where to find me.
  3. Come now, you know better than that. These teets were dry long ago when you were trying to suckle them. Pacifica doesn't nurse anyone; and Polar has never needed nursing for that matter. We are proud to welcome Polaris as an equal partner among the coalition of civilized nations.
  4. You never forget your first love. Welcome back, baby. o/
  5. LOL Is this !@#$%^& for real?
  6. The New Polar Order doesn't exist. Think about it.
  7. This is how you can tell Schattenman has never been in an alliance of any real size in a position of any real importance. No military man gives two !@#$% about the FA situation at the time - they just want to $%&@ !@#$ up. tl;dr "I was a !@#$, and they treated me like one!" Dastardly deeds indeed, Os.
  8. You should have titled this escapade what it is: "Free Tech For NPO & Allies" Optional Subtitles: "Guilt Free!" "Because You Should Feel Bad, But You Don't!" "Revenge Fantasies - For When Your Other Fantasies Are Shot Down!"
  9. Now that's the pomp and circumstance I've come to expect. o/
  10. Your citizens must be unhappy with your rule. Did you ever consider opening up a harbor and establishing trade routes with other nations? By importing others goods, and exporting your own, your citizens will be able to establish an economy which will allow your nation to thrive. In the meantime, if admin nation is in need of foreign aid, I am sure there are several good samaratins who would donate to help your citizens overcome these troubling times.
  11. Congratulations on a barely fought surrender MI.
  12. Did they even fight a full round of war yet? What kind of alliance shit talks that big then runs for help during the opening salvos? Oh, Monsters Inc, who affirmed to the world with this that they are indeed cowards. If the yellow bastards want peace, tell them they should consider asking for it.
  13. Congrats to R&R on gaining a fine group of nations. o/ Vikings o/ R&R
  14. I've always wanted to kill you. Thanks for making it so easy.
  15. I'm a second generation tech producer in CyberNations. My pappy came here as a boy with his parents, and they settled the fertile tech valleys of the New Pacific Order. We've been working those tech fields for three generations - good, hard, honest labor. When I first heard of the illegal tech producer problem I was outraged. Who do these nations think they are, coming to our CyberNations and taking away jobs from hardworking, honest Rulers? I was elated when Admin put up fences along the borders to stop illegal tech producers from streaming in - and even more so when Admin and the Mods rounded up those already here and sent them packing. This is yet another victory for hardworking Rulers such as myself. No longer can illegals undercut our prices and drive the tech market into a downward spiral. I commend Admin and Game Moderation for taking this bold stance to once again restore the CyberNations dream to thousands of our honest tech producers.
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