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.:The Green Old Party merges into the Viridian Entente:.




About 6.5 years ago, the GOP set out to to create a unique community. In that time, we explored ideas around "soft neutrality" and conservatism. These many years have treated us well, and we feel we have accomplished all that we set out to - and all that we could hope to at this stage. 
Love us or hate us, we "played the game" exactly the way WE wanted to... for the better part of a decade. We made some great friendships, and we had a blast.
But our experiment has run its course and the flag of the GOP will now be folded up, and our membership will fold into the ranks of the Viridian Entente - the one alliance who both respected and supported our right to exist how we saw fit.
Our thanks to the hundreds of people who joined the GOP's ranks at some point, and the hundreds more who've supported us over the years. Our forums will remain open so that our conservative membership will still have a place to discuss politics and the like but our members will begin the AA transition to VE immediately.
Signed for the Triumvirate,
Samwise, Triumvir of Foreign Affairs
TacticalAldiko, Triumvir of Internal Affairs
CVTWayne, Triumvir of Military Affairs

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Thought this happened after VE decided to defend "soft neutrality" from any potential DBDC allies a couple years back.

Don't have any problem with it, though. Makes sense and will most likely benefit both alliances.

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If only based on the people representing here, this looks like some good stuff to me.

Glad you guys played the way you wanted, and are willing to make a final decision.

Hope you make VE your home, and continue to enjoy your time here.

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I always have a difficult time saying congratulations on a merger, as I know that it is never an easy decision.  Good luck in your new home.  I've always like VE, so I see no immediate problems with this move.  Enjoy your new home.

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