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  1. For you to say MW was unenthusiastic about the war is extremely harsh, just the same. We lost over half of our total alliance strength, we kept our members out of peace and fighting the whole time we were in the war and we took on 4 different alliances who came at us officially and 3 more who came at us without a formal DoW. We threw everything into the war that we had. For a 46 member alliance, (56 if you want to count our 10 trainees) we gave everything we could. We didn't have to get involved in the war. We had no treaty forcing us to take part. We went in to help our allies, plain and simp
  2. Lets also realize that MW and UCoN are NOT allies to Umbrella, (not that we have anything against Umbrella, just no treaty or any relationship, really). We are not treatied to Umbrella and the only reason we got involved was to help VE. As for when we backed out of the war, we made sure to get full support and blessings from VE before we pulled out. Had it been requested that we stay in longer, we would have. So to clarify, UCoN got involved to support MW. MW got involved to take some stress and pressure off of VE. MW and UCoN did exactly what they set out to do.
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