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  1. After 4 wonderful years, it is time for the Wombats to say goodbye. We have made a lot of friends, a few enemies, and we had a great time fighting alongside our allies when the time arose. Over the course of the next week, we will all be traveling our separate ways and finding new homes. We hope those alliances that find themselves with a newly re-homed wombat will not only benefit from their new furry friend but will also ensure he or she (probably a he) is well taken care of.
  2. If you have tech to sell and you've been in the game and active for at least 60 days and part of an alliance for at least 30 of those days, send me a message in game and we can set up a deal!
  3. I am looking for reliable sellers. Offering 6 million for 100 tech and I have 5 slots open! Contact me in game, pls.
  4. Congratulations! This is excellent news and an awesome move by the GOP! (Yay! I get to be allies with Samwise now!)
  5. Happy Birthday Crap! I am glad to see you guys have lasted for so long. You guys are one of my 4 favorite allies! ;)
  6. While I am sad to see Goldie step down, I am glad to see Baltus step up! Congratulations Baltus! Thanks Goldie for being such a great leader and mentor. :) I look forward to seeing VE continue to accomplish great things.
  7. Aww, Master Hakai! Mortal Wombat loves you, too! <3
  8. Enjoy the war, Umbrella. May your victories be full of destruction!
  9. Have fun VE! It will be weird watching from the sidelines this time but it will be glorious to watch you destroy your targets. :)
  10. Wow, simply Epic you all. Congratulations on becoming sanctioned once again. Well done! P.S. I will make sure Howlin wears pants... :)
  11. It is with great enthusiasm that I am happy to post that today is... Mortal Wombat's 3rd Birthday! After last year's 4 day fiasco that left us a little on the drunken and hungover side... [center][/center] We decided to do things a bit more relaxed this year. First we started it off with a nice indulging trip to the spa... Followed up by a relaxing steam... Before we sidetracked into a bit more *risque* activities... But now the day is done and it is time for us to celebrate with friends! So grab yourself a piece of Wombat Birthday Cake...just don't mind if there are a few pieces of fur!
  12. Once again, looking for some people interested in selling tech long term! :)
  13. Kudos on the new treaty you guys. May it bring you both great benefit.
  14. It doesn't really matter. All of the 8br circles give high military bonuses and that is what I am seeking. :) Steel, microchips, automobiles, radiation clean up, asphalt, construction...those are what I am seeking most.
  15. I am looking for a black, 8br trade circle. I can change my resources to whatever the circle needs. Thanks!
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