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NPO Declaration of War


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New Pacific Order Declaration of WAR with Umbrella

In our world, rivalries between alliances can go on for countless years.

They define politics. They define war coalitions. Just a few tensions between key players sweep up dozens of alliances in their path, making the entire world move along, like an earthquake. Depending who you ask, it can be a thing of beauty or an ugly symptom of a stagnant treaty web.

The current hot story of the world is one such rivalry; that of Doomsphere versus Polarsphere.

But really, this is a minnow compared to some of the true greats this world has seen.

Take the relationship between Umbrella and NPO. Its not as ancient a rivalry as some others weve had (like MK, may they rest in peace), but it definitely makes up for it with its intensity.

Think back to the Everything Must Die Doomhouse War of 2011, where Umbrella took perfect advantage of the political climate to preempt and have a separate war against the Pacific sphere and roll us to the ground. In the process, they proved that they can be as masterful a political administrator and merciless as the greatest Pacificanstruly a worthy rival.

Think back to the Dave War, where we both ruthlessly tried to manipulate the political environment against the other and set the other up, even as supposed members of the same coalition. A shadow war between two political entities that tried to match the other at every step.

Think back to the Equilibrium War, where we set up our grand armada to take on their upper tier once and for all, and they proved to be as tenacious a fighter as we had ever been on the defensive, making their enemies pay for every inch of land taken, causing such heavy damage thatto our eternal shamewe were not capable of keeping the coalition going to its greatest extent, and saw one of the greatest falls from grace ever seen (in no small part due to our own fault). As shameful as our subsequent downfall was for us, it is a shining testament to the ability of our rival to take on and endure everything we can throw at them.

Think back to the Disorder War, where we were on the defensive, and a coalition they had helped put together handily took us down, kept us down for ages, and imposed us with punitive surrender terms that were almost a mirror to what we had once discussed with Umbrella (gee, I wonder who came up with those?). Like a true rival, they have oft showed a similar mentality to uswhen you try take down a threat, you try to take it down permanently.

Alas, despite our repeated clashes, they have failed to put an end to us, just as we failed with them. And so both of us stand here today, bruised from our scuffles but as strong and sharp as ever. Umbrella and NPO have worked against each other for years, and we both remain threats to each other. And so long as that threat remains, neither of us will be able to grow to our full potential. We are just too good to avoid setting up a rolling on each other eventually. We are both just too good at this game.

And today, with this war, I will yet again try to put an end to this. Do I need a reason, do I need a specific "incident" to dress up as an excuse for this? No. We are rivals, and we must do as rivals do.

I have to say I truly admire them for their tenacity all these years. At their best, they have shown a political cunning that matches our own greatest moments. When the entire world took them on, they showed the fire of brotherhood and military skill that I expect and see from my own Pacificans in those various times when the world has taken on us. When I demand our econ workers to work extra shifts keeping me at 6 slots of tech per cycle, it is Umbrellas slot efficiency I look at with respect and envy (for all our efforts, I have yet to push a mass alliance like ours beyond the low 70s). They are in every way, a worthy rival, and the type of person that if we ever worked together, wed take over the world with.

And thats where I had an epiphany.

World Domination actually sounds quite nice.

And so we came up with what is in the spoilers below:




The Everything. Must. Die. WAR Pact

Article I: Wonderful:

Section A: World Domination is Wonderful:
The Undersigned Alliances agree that the idea of taking over the world is the best thing ever.

Section B: We are Wonderful.
The Undersigned Alliances acknowledge the other has been a wonderful rival and all around gentleman throughout all the years of our relationship, and that in order to achieve our goals, wonderful people such as us will not fight each other.

Section C: Information is Wonderful
You cannot take over the world without good intel. To all the non-wonderful people of the world: Big Brother is watching you.

Section D: Tech is Wonderful.
The undersigned alliances agree that tech is wonderful, and that they shall both do their utmost to increase the rate at which we both amass this precious substance.

Article 2: Aggression

Section A: Defense from Aggression.
Since the non-wonderful people of the world will naturally decline our rightful position as world rulers, we shall have each other's back and provide military assistance if one of us is victim to military aggression.

Section B: Assistance in Aggression
Should either party decide to take the initiative and launch an aggressive campaign of their own, there is a standing invitation for the other to join, if they so wish. Or they can stay home and watch it on TV like losers.

Article 3: Revocation

Section A: Why Would You Ever Want to Revoke a Winning Combination?
The parties agree that, at some point, there may be nobody left to fight, and it will be just the two of us in a dark, empty, dying world. At the end of times, we will get together for one last great drinking feast andafter allowing a customary 72 hours for the mother of hangovers to passwe will meet at dawn, pistols at the ready, to finally settle who is the best once and for all.

Signed for the New Pacific Order

Emperor of the New Pacific Order
Dungeon Master of Order

Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order

Necoho, Scourge, & SeasonsofLove
Imperial Officers of Foreign Affairs of the New Pacific Order

Signed for Umbrella:

Roquentin, President
MrHiott, Vice President
White Majik, Head Envoy
AlmightyHero, DylanCarter, Crownguard, Envoys
TimLee, Field Marshal
domisi, Generator
[`_`], The Natan

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