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  1. You are not and never will be the standard bearer for Francoism or the NPO. OOC: There is a difference between abandoning a name with fascist implications, and abandoning an ideology. While the Order does not call its guiding principles Francoism anymore, that does not mean we have abandoned our adherence to collectivism or material analysis.
  2. If you are longing for community as the world ends, come and hang out with Pacifican's, all are welcome as comrades or as friends.
  3. Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order Citizens of Bob, In my time as Emperor I have been given the great privilege of working with some of the finest minds on Bob. I am humbled by the passion and drive that I see from all of you who help make our community great. Unfortunately I am no longer able to devote the time and dedication necessary to see Pacifica take its place in this world. (OOC: I was unaware of how much of a toll real life would take on me) But change cannot be stopped, and our community cannot be hampered. And so I come before you today, to enact my final and greatest action as emperor in service to our goals. I hereby step down as emperor and pursuant to Article II of our charter, I appoint Lord of Darkness as the tenth emperor of the New Pacific Order. I have been honored to have Lord of Darkness serve as my regent and know he has the vision and decisive perseverance to help Pacifica ascend to new heights. o/ Emperor Lord of Darkness o/ New Pacific Order Frawley, Ninth Emperor of the New Pacific Order The Thunder Down Under
  4. Reaffirmation of Red Sphere Policy Since the inception of Pacifica, the Order has always done its part in protecting the members of the Red team from rogues and sanction wars; the Red team has, and always will be, our home. Once, we protected all Red nations from raiders and sanctions, later we were integral in the formation of Red Dawn and its eventual replacement the USSR. Today we reaffirm our symbiotic relationship with all members of the Red Sphere. The departure of Invicta from the Red team has put the safety and security of the Red team in jeopardy, the uncertainty of a replacement, the departure mid-term of a standing senator has driven this issue to the forefront of our agenda. As such, we have given notice to the members of the USSR of our intent to leave the Union. On May 3, 2016 the New Pacific Order will assume control of all five senate seats of the Red team. We will continue to protect the economic security and future prosperity of all Red nations, our longstanding stewardship of proposals and sanctions will not be put at risk, and we will have peace. We expect going forward that all issues surrounding the sphere shall be brought to our attention. Interference in these matters will not be taken lightly. Congratulations to the new Red Team Senators Frawley of stangerites Lord of Darkness of Relm of Darkness Letum of Canton Jesse End of Devon Elegarth of NewHeavens Frawley, Emperor of the New Pacific Order The Thunder Down Under Lord of Darkness, Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order Grand Marshal of the Army of the Pacific
  5. Learn to read activity logs. We hit a Kaskus deserter.
  6. Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order Dear Bones's and SPaTR, For years, you have deliberately pursued an antagonistic path with the New Pacific Order, our Allies, and our blockmates. You have openly and callously used threats and abused the power of your connections to try and damage us politically. You have repeatedly used proxies and "rogues" to raid our friends and attempt to bait us into open conflict. Throughout this all, out of respect of the number of our shared friendships, we have tried to pursue a diplomatic path far more lenient than any person has a right to receive. With every incident, we worked hard to smooth things over and avoid a crisis. With every incident, we tried to ensure that there would be no repeats of such actions in the future. With every incident, it became more and more apparent that we are facing a group of actors, with Bones chief among them, that are not acting in any semblance of good faith and will just keep on pushing the line. A few days ago, with an open and brazen sanctioning on a leader of Oculus, you have committed an act of war and finally crossed that line to an extent that can no longer be hushed up and swept under the rug. It is apparent that you are an exceedingly hostile entity who will keep trying to harm us and keep trying to use your connections to get away with it. All diplomatic methods of trying to stop you from committing acts of war against us have failed. You have shown an inability to act within the basic rules of diplomacy, within the norms of our world, or even with some basic decency. Your message of continued hostility and your ill-wishes against ourselves and our friends have been received loudly and clearly. The natural conclusion from this is that the only way to stop you, and the only way to safeguard our interests, is to remove your ability to continue acting as you have and join Sengoku in wiping the remainder of your tech down to zero. I do sincerely hope that you enjoy war as much as you claim to, because this will take a long, long time. Perhaps you will find satisfaction in finally getting the direct confrontation you've been threatening. Or perhaps you will find actually seeing consequences for your actions to not be very nice at all. Either way, this war will involve as much time and energy as required. We will make sure of it. As a friendly reminder to all bystanders: aiding alliances at war with Oculus is also an act of war, and will be seen as a defacto declaration of war on Oculus. Kind Regards, Frawley, Emperor of the New Pacific Order The Thunder Down Under Lord of Darkness, Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order Grand Marshal of the Army of the Pacific
  7. Glad to continue working with you Supreme! Was a pleasure working with you Baltus, good luck in 'semi' retirement.
  8. Address from the Emperor of the New Pacific Order Comrades and citizens of Bob, Thank you Letum for the honour of being your Regent, enjoy your retirement, and I hope you never stray to far from my office. It is my great pleasure to appoint Lord of Darkness as my Regent, I trust that he will be as great a Regent as he has been in his prior role as Imperial Officer of Military Affairs. o/ Imperator Emeritus Letum o/ Regent Lord of Darkness o/ Pacifica Frawley, Emperor of the New Pacific Order Glorious Leader
  9. Apologies to those who have entered, but due to a clearl lack of interest there is no point going ahead with this.
  10. Aid Race 2015 - Full Year Results Link to Data: Here
  11. Glad to see this up, congrats to both Polaris and Non Grata.
  12. Since UnknownSmurf seems to have forgotten about this for 2015, I'll manage it. NOMINATIONS WILL CLOSE JAN. 20th 2016 AT MIDNIGHT (CN time) PLEASE DO NOT DELETE CATEGORIES YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ANSWER FOR; JUST SKIP IT/LEAVE IT BLANK Please use respond to this thread with your nominations for CN Awards, the categories are below for your reference! When submitting nominations to forum topics/posts just submit the link to the post as well as a sentence or two as to why they would be a good nomination. Thank you. Rules to keep in mind once voting starts: - One Entry per person -- Duplicate entries under the same name will result in the SECOND submission to be counted (as some events still may occur between now and Jan 1st). All unverified ballots will be considered void. - You MAY NOT vote for your alliance/self in categories once voting starts -- Keep that in mind when doing these nominations. All self votes will be considered void You can, however, vote for your allies or abstain from voting on certain categories. Categories: Alliance of the Year Most Powerful Alliance Best Military Best Rookie Alliance Most Powerful Bloc Best Flag Most Active Alliance Most Honorable Alliance Best Diplomatic Team Best Economic System Best Recruiting Staff Best Propagandist Scariest Alliance Best Alliance Growth Best War Flag Best Forums Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2016 Most Immoral Alliance Most Controversial Alliance Player of the Year Most Powerful Player Best Alliance Leader Most Controversial Player Best Player Sig Best Player Avatar Best Poster Nicest Player Funniest Player Most Active Player Player Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2016 Best New Addition to the Community Most Hated Poster Best Declaration of War (Alliance Topic) Best Declaration of War (in-game war screen) Best Wall of Text Best OWF Topic Biggest Controversy Funniest Event Most Entertaining IRC Channel Best Treaty Announcement Worst Diplomatic Move Best Player Quote Best IRC Log Largest E-Peen Best Villain Most Missed Player (Player that has gone inactive/quit) Best WaterCooler Thread Worst Alliance Worst Sphere Worst Poster Most Annoying Poster Biggest Mouth Biggest !@#$ Quietest Power Player Most Glorious Leader If you don't want to post here, you can pm me here, here, or here
  13. Just pipped you, 3590 days, I'd have the 12th oldest nation in the game if I wasn't drunk on collection day :(
  14. Happy Birthday to our Allies in R&R, sorry I missed the festivities.
  15. Congrats to the incoming government, looking forward to working with you all.
  16. October 2015 Aid Stats Link Top 40
  17. Yeah, but you can't receive aid or declare war. Seems a bit rich in the middle of a war.
  18. Seems relevant given the prevalence of Euro Pacifican's. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2otY8nVEsI
  19. Pretty sure that is called taking the piss out of the rest of us.
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