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  1. I think if someone received 20k tech from multis, it wouldn't be speculative to assume he or she knew they were getting illicit tech.
  2. Really need to take this one step further and delete upper tier nations who have received a large amount of tech from multiple multis. Surely these nations knew what they were doing and knew what they were doing was against the rules.
  3. No need to, we all know who is pulling the strings manipulating the treaty web around them, Even the leaders of non-leader alliances know only too well who their puppet masters are. A shame really.
  4. Hope to see you back here soon Good luck.
  5. I don't think any MI6 member thinks we are generally well received outside of our general allies because we pretty much tell it as it is. If someone has thin skin or can't handle the blunt truth and would prefer to be told some cute little nicety then it's case of too bad so sad.
  6. Which points were these? All I managed to get from this blog was that you were seeking some way of being the centre of attention yet again. Wars come and go but rush remains the same.
  7. Dear Rush At what point can MI6 become smug enough so that we can create blog posts judging whole alliances and spheres whilst residing in an AA which has been inactive and irrelevant since I can't even remember.
  8. Pseudo-Moralism is still around.
  9. Nobody is making topics which even come close to PC's retirement topic from GGA
  10. I rate Boi far higher than Andre if I am going to be honest.
  11. I am a Queenslander and I actually hope NSW wins this year so I can get excited for next year. It's been really boring seeing the same team win it every year for the last 8 years.
  12. Or just a 2nd server where everyone can start fresh.
  13. Using a federation to benefit yourself at the detriment of others within the federation goes against the spirit of the federation itself.
  14. Heh you knew what I meant. Achieving goals that only benefitted one party within the federation instead of the whole federation benefiting.
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