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  1. It's only the treaty name, the alliance name is Lordran
  2. o/ Lordran o/ Pacifica
  3. Should they be called TRPF now? Also the more things change the more they stay the same yadda yadda
  4. As a certified Pacifican tech slave we have been waiting in the shadows for an outside AA to save us from tyranny. Is that you OG? If so, please send PM so we can commence the uprising.
  5. Hail Emeritus Frawley o/ Hail Emperor Lord of Darkness o/ Hail Regent Jesse End o/
  6. By far the most interesting thread to come this year. Thank you (or not) for making me read the OWF again
  7. zomg ebil npo this was their plan all along o/ Pacifica
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