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  1. Oh, wow. I hadn't realized the NPO and IRON had fallen below 300, and the GPA had fallen below 200.
  2. And yet you choose not to specify that you meant 'remain off forever'. I can only speculate why that was the case, but the fact is that you did not, and as such it is clear to all that while NADC might have considered to plan to violate your intent of the treaty, they did not consider to plan to violate the treaty, as you chose to write you. Ah, so we get to the truth. This has nothing to do with the violation of terms or anything like this, but instead Polaris' insistence that Blue is theres and no-one else's. Thank you for the clarification.
  3. Only if Polar had refused to allow them to come back peacefully, with promises to cooperate on blue matters etc etc etc. And if that is the case, then I still struggle to see why we are blaming NADC.
  4. Depends on the context. In this context, there are reasonable ways to assume that they wish to redress the wrongs committed and restore their honor by simply returning to their colour sphere, and tackle the issue by entering into diplomatic negotiations. Yes, there is room to be cautious, but caution doesn't mean jumping straight into an offensive war.
  5. Just makes it all the more entertaining.
  6. When your position is so undefendable that all you can do is tell people to shut up... Though, you're better than this guy. On the NPO boards he tries to tell people to shut up by pointing at his fancy title. His pixel power trip is quite entertaining.
  7. You're all still ignoring the fact that even if they had decided to move back to the Blue Team (something that has not been established), they would not have been in violation of terms. Maybe they would have been aggressive to Polaris had they returned, but the closest you have to evidence of that is 'tackling the Polaris issue', which could mean anything from wanting to initiate talks with Polaris to attempt an amiable return to the Blue Team or something more violent. We simply don't know, and as such using that as evidence of a threat against Polaris is ludicrous, just as this entire CB is.
  8. Perhaps. Or perhaps they choose not to implement a period of banishment, as implementing a permanent one would seem tyrannical, and implementing a temporary one would give a clear date on which NADC could return, and went with neither, in an attempt to have their cake and eat it too. Either way, they didn't include it, and as such NADC is clearly not in violation of the Peace Treaty as written.
  9. And yet Polaris chose not to include that as a term. They must have had their reasons back then, and they can't change it now because they wish they had chosen otherwise.
  10. There is a slight issue here, however. NADC were never under terms to not return to the Blue Team. Look at the original Peace Treaty; all it requires was for NADC to vacate the Blue Team, and in no way specifies they may not return. Now, I don't know why Polaris didn't implement such terms when it appears they desired them, but that is Polaris' fault, not NADC's.
  11. Honestly, you should be using HTTPS for everything these days; there is no excuse not to, as it's pretty cheap and easy to do, plus google puts a huge malus on your site in search results if you don't use it.
  12. Not really. It's more as if your battalion, squad, however your SE alliance organizes its military units had it's own AA; there is no structural difference. The thing is, there is nothing that will stop someone doing that; creating multiple AA's to host their entire AA on - the only difference is that it will be slightly annoying to those who weren't already doing it for other reasons. In general, I see no point to this idea, simply because it won't actually change anything.
  13. I'm not running two. I'm running three or four, but in reality I'm just running one, and that is what the larger alliances will do; it's easy enough to create spare alliances, put an officer in charge of them, and run it as if it was one large alliance with only a slight increase in administrative workload.
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