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Peace in Our Time!

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The Alliances Farkistan, New Polar Order, Christian Coalition of Countries, The Templar Knights, Nuclear Proliferation League and Alpha Omega Hereby declare White Peace with the Orange Defense Network.

Signed for Farkistan:

905 - Submitter
Mr. Vicarious - Squirrel

One_Eighty_Two - Speaker of the TotalFark Council
Cable77 - TotalFark Council
Stargatesg1 - TotalFark Council
Rampage3 - TotalFark Council
Rollo Gigante - TotalFark Council

Signed for the New Polar Order

Emperor - Dajobo
Imperial Regent - EaTeMuP
Imperial Liaison - Quantum Leap

Minister of Peace - Vindicator
Minister of Truth - WarGod0001
Minister of Plenty - Mompson
Minister of Love - sounion

Deputy Minister of Peace - Lestat
Deputy Minister of Truth - King Ryan IV
Deputy Minister of Love - Irish Republic

Signed for the Christian Coalition of Countries

Britishdude, Chancellor
Shergzus, Vice Chancellor, Mom
Llanowar Elf, Minister of Foreign Affairs, lover of Bacon. And spam. Spam with Bacon.
Tyler_Canoe, Minister of Internal Affairs, Also of Awesomeness
Wrath of God, Minister of Defense

Signed For The Templar Knights

Merick, Grand Master
Der_Eine, Marshal of Defense
Teredona, Marshal of Foreign Affairs
lolatyou, Marshal of Finance
Mandystalin, Marshal of Membership
Hawkeye, Marshal of Recruiting

Signed for the Nuclear Proliferation League

Prime Minister : Kem
Triumvir: Gofast2006
Triumvir: Smurthwaite
Triumvir: King Wally
Warhead of Foreign Affairs - Dark Zone Elite
Warhead of Defense - Houston
Warhead of Economics - Spaztik Muffi

Signed for Alpha Omega

Galvan Mandorik

For ODN:

Signed by Representatives of the General Assembly,

Senate LVII: Hobbies0310, masterofwind, Nikolay, PeachesIII, StealthyPenguin93

Overlord Shinnra, Secretary-General, Spawner of Overlords
eZe, Assistant Secretary-General, Literally worse than Hitler

Zaxon, Secretary of War, Arms Bears
OsRavan, Secretary of State
Hawspiper1983, Secretary of Interior, We have one of these?
nomnomnom, Secretary of Economics, Reputation: Horrible

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First and foremost I'd like to thank our opponents for an awesome and hard fought war. Its a real shame that we had to be on the opposite side of some of the nicest people I've ever fought before. I'm glad its finally come to end after all this time. Congrats to everyone and Good Luck in the rebuilding process. 


On a more serious note... Miley is upset over the fact that we have had to separate her from her wrecking ball and let her wrecking ball move to greener pastures. We as an alliance know it is for the best. Still you have to allow Miley one last goodbye... 



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