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  1. You've really upped the production values on this, I like it!
  2. Enjoy yourselves guys, now this is what I call quality content!
  3. Does this mean that New Polar Order will be signing a treaty with them?
  4. Is this really something worthy of a topic? Generally when something like this occurs, either CCC or Kapleo would have posted on the forums first, and then something like this gets posted, not just posted out of the blue.
  5. May I have a recommendation that you get your protector to audit your nation instead? You might have a quicker response.
  6. In all seriousness, it would have been best for UFP if it did merge with Ordo Cyberneticus, if only so Korlath could learn how to run an alliance.
  7. Not really a surprise, although would have thought this was a given based off the previous announcements.
  8. Krihelion is Unkajo, Suyash is nobody of note.
  9. I think they are saying that they wish to declare a separate conflict, an aggressive conflict without the assistance of their Boongish allies?
  10. The fact that it took you so long to make this announcement makes me think that GATO have taken over your government.
  11. More original than what they are presently going for.
  12. It's quite similar in energy to the Imperium of Supernova X was to Supernova X in that it is just a reshuffle of a few words, besides I think United Federation of Planets already used that acronym in the past.
  13. If you want a good original new name without any bad links to the past, why don't you go with 64Pixels.
  14. Well, I do understand that you would probably have more success merging with United Equestria as it has makes the same amount of sense.
  15. Because your rebranding is on the same level as SNX rebranding as ISX.
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