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  1. Hello Socrates, I see you are viewing this blog. Don't worry, we won't bite!
  2. Go for it, everyone would hail you as the greatest moderator since Keelah!
  3. How about just from Rebel Virginia's posts? Maybe replace it with something more colourful... like hot pink?
  4. Could I request we remove the blue colour text option from the forums?
  5. Is it really a gravedig if Admin himself claims he made a new logo yesterday and it was simply an update?
  6. You told me you were the moderator of a website that catered towards Habbo Hotel. All I can say to that is bobba!
  7. One day they will find out the truth, and when they true they will discover it wasn't velociraptors taking their raiding party out in the long grass.
  8. Admin, can you design me a logo for Doom Kingdom?
  9. Where do I submit my application to become a moderator and thus violate the following forum rule: Do not ask about becoming or campaign to become a moderator. The moderators are drawn from CN membership but moderation positions are by invitation only. Asking to become one will substantially decrease your chances of ever being asked. That way people can safely know that I am never going to be a moderator and thus stop getting queries from people confusing me for being a moderator in IRC.
  10. Are the new moderators Xena of Amphipolis and Elend by any chance?
  11. Can the prospective new moderators be announced like this?
  12. When a new moderator joins the team, how is their name, identity and avatar allocated?
  13. But a bath means nothing if I can't have a moderator tuck me in to keep me safe! Also, I fear certain players might watch if I have a bath and take pictures!
  14. Keelah, can you tuck me into bed? Scary neutrals are scary!
  15. By that, are you referring to those who commit LUEcide?
  16. If not, do you have a Skype that I can contact? I am really enjoying this Q&A session.
  17. Does Admin have a Skype that I can contact?
  18. In addition to this, do you know if there are any internships currently available at Planet Realm Gaming?
  19. What happened to Allan a Dale? I made an avatar for him like he requested and everything!
  20. Would there be a possibility of the repeal of bans after say 18 months of zero infringements with anyone who is allowed to come back be allowed one chance within a period of 90 days of which if they break it, they get instantly banned?
  21. Accumulation of 8 years of playing the game as well as engaging in CNRP which required separate messages as the forums at that time didn't support conversations.
  22. Could I possibly request that my inbox is increased so I don't have to delete any messages?
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