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  1. Likely forgot the login credentials.
  2. At least we have some kind of action, that's good I guess. Lost Silver.
  3. I don't recall Dilber being in New Sith Order at the time, sure it wasn't someone like Ivan Moldavi?
  4. That's why I am the only person you can trust with free hosting. No leaks ever happened from alliances I hosted!
  5. Goodbye edibles, hello fictional creatures at The Phoenix Collective.
  6. Only @Steve Buscemi could do that, and he seems to be pretty vacant now.
  7. There is no gag order, you just got to ask the right questions. After all, I'm sure you have a Deep Dark Fantasy.
  8. If only that was indeed the case, unfortunately they haven't put anything kinky on yet, so the fun can continue!
  9. As long as mine is number #1 in your heart, that is all that matters!
  10. Although I have gotta say at least it has generated some manner of activity. That in itself isn't too bad.
  11. Well we better hit up @Tebeat as he is a butter fan, so can supply us with a nice healthy supply of the stuff!
  12. It seems that the Bakery has now become The Doughnut Shop, what a twist!
  13. Something tells me that he hasn't learnt a thing.
  14. Create a classic server in tandem with the currently active server.
  15. It does appear that there is dissent in the ranks.
  16. Incorrect, typically the first place to check is on the alliance's forums. If it's not there, to check the wiki https://cybernations.fandom.com/wiki/We_Are_Perth_Army which admittedly hasn't been updated since 2015 with the exception of any treaty blocs that WAPA used to be in. Next up is to check the Polaris wiki: https://cybernations.fandom.com/wiki/New_Polar_Order which was last updated on November 17th 2018 but did not contain the WAPA treaty. Finally, I did a lookup on the forums and could not see the treaty which Earl Dumarest posted (I tried WAPA, Perth and We Are Perth Army as search terms which did not show the thread. Either way, the treaty seems to be an ODP so WAPA aren't under the protection of Polaris but instead could call on their assistance if they so desire. As this whole place has been in decline for around 3 or more years, it makes sense why the treaty didn't show up or wasn't updated at any of the aforementioned places. Anyway, have a good fight WAPA.
  17. You probably should amend your treaties section on the forums in that case.
  18. Incorrect, PIAT with CCC appears to be the only active treaty held by We Are Perth Army.
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