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  1. I think I've got a great name for a new alliance now.
  2. Monroe is currently pending in terms of his application at Non Grata, his application was initially posted on the 9th November 2013, however it hasn't been converted to a cadet/full membership due to the wars on taking in members during wartime. He is however protected by the alliance of Non Grata.
  3. ...and here I came thinking it was a slashfic considering your name, I was disappointed. Anyway... looking good so far.
  4. I find these quite informative, I can not wait to see the next sections of this series of posts.
  5. Why must I always be assassinated for a war to start?
  6. That's alright, continue having your fun!
  7. Franz Ferdinand


    I dispute your claim of being untrue. Anything posted outside the confines of the CN Forums is the responsibility of the people who run the forums / channels and not the CN Staff. This has always been the case.
  8. I'd love to make Foreign Affairs a little more fun, however I'm not given the chance to do so.
  9. Franz Ferdinand

    the dog food video

    Ideas will be sent on a postcard.
  10. That's the legacy the original Nordreich gave us.
  11. You could always prove that you are a strong leader, ScratchScreen and take my terms.
  12. ...and now will be known as ScratchScreen, the guy who is going to lose his main bargaining chip.
  13. What have I done this time, Vedran?

  14. Hey Zoot, I'd be a better Israel than you would ever be!

  15. is watching the current crisis with interest.

  16. May your nation stay unified during these false allegations against you!

  17. Whatever happened to Non-Aggression Pacts and Treaties of Amity, anyway?
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