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  1. I believe it was roughly around July 2012 if you wanted a place to start.
  2. After spending a month or so chilling in Peace Mode after being removed off the Non Grata AA by Tito, I was approached by Tywin for an interview and I was happy to oblige. Steve, I am thankful for your wish of luck in the future, but in terms of forming a new alliance, I'm unsure. For Hereno, wouldn't it be ironic for me to assassinate someone? By doing this interview, my conscience is clean and I can look to the future. I'm sure that one or more of the alliances who offered me membership to their alliance such as possibly the New Sith Order will probably rescind said offer due to the contents of the interview. If this is the case, then I'm sorry they feel that way however as Sun Tzu said "Throw your soldiers into positions whence there is no escape, and they will prefer death to flight". I fully defend my actions, and wish my former comrades at Non Grata all the best. If I hadn't been expelled while on vacation (of which I'm sure that people at Non Grata will dispute, yet my forum activity at the Non Grata forums and in-game will show that I had not logged in during that duration), I would have left Peace Mode to continue the good fight for Non Grata's members. At the end of this, I must thank Steve for not sending people after me when I was ejected from the AA however as I have not left the cocoon of Peace Mode, I am uncertain if this is fully true.
  3. Nope, I would have remembered it and if you check the forum access logs at Non Grata, that would be proved. It's alright, I've created a thread about it.
  4. Most of the potential stuff I might have done had already been resolved in private. The only two things I can think of is either me joining the IRON embassy or not toeing the party line on the Non Grata forums and thus been made a scapegoat for all the problems that have happened for the alliance. Give me the reasons, and let me break them down one by one otherwise stop being a sheep.
  5. I was expelled while I was on vacation, and thus unable to be able to protest said expulsion. I wasn't given any notification, and any messages prior to the 22nd, I would not have been able to read due to the aforementioned vacation.
  6. At the moment, unaligned, so at the moment I'm seeing how things play out before I make a move.
  7. I'd visit them if I wasn't banned and kicked out of the alliance without a reason.
  8. I think I've got a great name for a new alliance now.
  9. Monroe is currently pending in terms of his application at Non Grata, his application was initially posted on the 9th November 2013, however it hasn't been converted to a cadet/full membership due to the wars on taking in members during wartime. He is however protected by the alliance of Non Grata.
  10. ...and here I came thinking it was a slashfic considering your name, I was disappointed. Anyway... looking good so far.
  11. I find these quite informative, I can not wait to see the next sections of this series of posts.
  12. Why must I always be assassinated for a war to start?
  13. That's alright, continue having your fun!
  14. Franz Ferdinand


    I dispute your claim of being untrue. Anything posted outside the confines of the CN Forums is the responsibility of the people who run the forums / channels and not the CN Staff. This has always been the case.
  15. I'd love to make Foreign Affairs a little more fun, however I'm not given the chance to do so.
  16. Franz Ferdinand

    the dog food video

    Ideas will be sent on a postcard.
  17. That's the legacy the original Nordreich gave us.
  18. You could always prove that you are a strong leader, ScratchScreen and take my terms.
  19. ...and now will be known as ScratchScreen, the guy who is going to lose his main bargaining chip.
  20. What have I done this time, Vedran?

  21. Hey Zoot, I'd be a better Israel than you would ever be!

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