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  1. You seem to have dropped off the radar.
  2. Such speculation, maybe the moderation team haven't got around to removing the tech yet? Let them do their job and focus on the current conflict.
  3. The hope now is that the tech revocations happen suddenly and without warning so the infringers will get a sudden shock to the system and learn to get tech from sources that can be trusted.
  4. Then it would be in the best interests for alliances to be more selective which new nations they take into their tech systems and actually require some oversight in how they operate.
  5. Then the nation receiving the tech will lose the tech and likely have harsh words with the people who lined up their tech deals.
  6. 11. All donations made to Cyber Nations are non-refundable, no matter the reason. Once the transfer of ownership of the donation money has taken place, you are no longer entitled to the donated money. The donation bonus is final once it has been applied to a nation. If the bonus is lost in war, foreign aid, other in-game activities, or unforeseen events donation bonuses will not be refunded or reapplied to an account.
  7. I believe it was legal until it was outlawed and grandfathered nations were allowed.
  8. I'm in support of this as it will help remove a good proportion of the corrupting and gamesmanship from the world.
  9. Still the Number 1 Champion around!

    1. XxHouseArrestXx


      hmm I don't know about that :P

    2. Isolatar


      You suck Franz :3

  10. Hello there strangely robotic version of me! You should consider loosening up a little more, maybe getting a change of oil? Me and you could always go and have Neo Uruk oil us up for the Main Event!
  11. Ghuxalia, make one for Doombird Doomcave and save your alliance!
  12. I'm loving the new pips, Teeters you did well in the design of them.
  13. They simply grew up and wear business suits at Oculus & Sons.
  14. Don't worry Steve, Franz is always here to add a little excitement to a thread.
  15. Wait, so TidyBowlMan has become a mod in the last 10 minutes?
  16. Hello Socrates, I see you are viewing this blog. Don't worry, we won't bite!
  17. Go for it, everyone would hail you as the greatest moderator since Keelah!
  18. How about just from Rebel Virginia's posts? Maybe replace it with something more colourful... like hot pink?
  19. Could I request we remove the blue colour text option from the forums?
  20. Is it really a gravedig if Admin himself claims he made a new logo yesterday and it was simply an update?
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