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  1. Could I possibly request that my inbox is increased so I don't have to delete any messages?
  2. BUHDUHDUH can't even run his own nation let along an alliance.
  3. I wish you all the best with this venture!
  4. I much prefer reading Ogaden than a certain Blue nation we all unfortunately know about.
  5. If such a system is reimplemented, it could definitely make things interesting. The problem though Mogar, is making sure that such a viceroy doesn't simply wipe the entire alliance out.
  6. So would it be desirable for me to continue what I'm currently doing and bring a little bit of drama while people gear up for their annual war-games?
  7. Please come out to play, it can't be all that fun in Peace Mode.
  8. Just play the game the way you want to, there's no point of going for the "win".
  9. I already miss the previous logo.
  10. That's pretty much why I formed Lavender Town; it allows me to do whatever I want and not be constrained by traditional rules.
  11. Join whoever you want to, at the end of the day, you'll want to be somewhere you feel comfortable.
  12. Philishave is my answer to this question.
  13. Already got my own plans which will probably be different to anything which has been done before. Besides, I like to be the master of my own fate.
  14. I'll stick with my own alliance for now, more fun.
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