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  1. KingZog isn't wearing a fez. I blame Kashmir.
  2. I would like to thank Lurunin, a tough fighter. It took some serious coordination and a stroke of fortune to get to grips with him. Well fought.
  3. Judson was just dusting off Op Valkyrie and got a little enthusiastic, nothing to see here.
  4. Ask yourself how bad your actions, and how much you have to suck to make that a possibility.
  5. Hang on, scrub that. Sorry WC, I just realised this is neither foolhardy or misleading. I get it now. SNX are no longer a Doom protectorate right?
  6. Oh, White Chocolate, what are you doing...? I can no longer differentiate between the fools and the liars.
  7. Depends on your definition I suppose. I guess we do lay claim as successor state to the history and baggage for good or ill of NoR v1.0 and NoV to some extent. I may be mistaken but I believe TPF have a continuous unbroken lineage from its founding and is therefore very much owner of its own actions. After all, they can't whinge about their and NPOs past as the reason for this ragequit war while disavowing the rest of their past and actions.
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