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  1. Pretty much any alliance with you in it Yolo. Also an alliance where there isn't some type of !@#$%^&* old boys club. I'm gov in my alliance and will give my time to anyone that needs it whether they've been with us an hour or a year. I've seen a few alliances that aren't like that and that makes me a sad panda. Also and alliance that can put up with me because honestly I'm a dick.
  2. Yes girls poop. I have lived with one. Just turns out it's all glittery and stuff.
  3. If DC want to make movies that aren't Batman a hit then they need to look to where they have the most success over Marvel and that is the animated universe. DC need to bring back Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. Dini has written some amazing stories for Batman TAS, Batman Beyond and the first two Arkham games. Now DC need to cast the members of the League and have them provide voice overs for DC short cartoons to be shown before the new movie films. Superman/Batman will be seen by everyone even those who are mad at BatFleck being cast. And a movie for Martian Manhunter most likely wont so it would be easier to introduce him in a high quality Bruce Timm animation before the feature film. Do another for HawkMan before a Wonder Woman movie film. I'm also not sure a GL reboot would do all that well. Personally I saw Ryan Reynolds more as a Kyle Rayner than Hal Jordan. I would have liked Nathan Fillion as Hal as he voiced him perfectly in several of the animations and has already been a cool space cowboy. And since we have had one movie it shouldn't be too difficult to just slot the new Lantern (if Reynolds isn't reprising the role) into a JL movie as a Lantern would be recognizable enough. A Flash movie then with and animated intro for Cyborg and boom you push into a JL movie film. All of these have to be written by Paul Dini That is what I would like to see happen over the next 5-7 years.
  4. Now let's talk about this a little bit, as much as I like the people in Umbrella neither Mortal Wombat or UCoN has any treaty with them. So calling us unenthusiastic allies was a mistake as we aren't allied to them. We did what we did for our friends in VE and you need to get your facts straight before making anymore foolish statements. You can go around beating your chest and talking absolute garbage about a situation you clearly don't understand and all it does is cause problems where there needn't be any. If you wish to see how enthusiastic we are about war why don't you declare on one of our nations? Until then do some reading and try to engage your brain before making blog entries that are not only pointless but expose your clear lack of understanding of a situation that unfolded mere weeks ago. In short, you're now my mortal enemy, I will see the streets run red with the blood of your people, I will eat your children and in closing, come at me bro.
  5. Welsh national anthem is best national anthem.
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