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  1. I'm baffled how some people cannot understand even the most basic principles of negotiation. Making an offer that the opponent is guaranteed not to accept is neither a joke offer nor a 100% serious offer. It is a negotiating step to expose the opponent's true colors. And it achieved exactly that. The opponent's true intentions were of course no surprise to anyone, nevertheless it is a good idea to have them known to everyone in a clearer fashion. I strongly recommend to stop approaching situations with a binary view, as that will prevent you from comprehending the full situation. But I ass
  2. After a slight delay due to a run-off election for the last Senate seat we now have our full government lineup for term LVIII. Overlord Shinnra is returning for his second term as Secretary General. Also returning from the previous term is Zaxon as Secretary of Defense (don't even bother asking how many terms), Hawspiper1983 as Secretary of Interior, and NOMNOMNOM as Secretary of Economics (bad name puns will be punished by EZIT). The only new face this term is Walling, who is taking over as Secretary of State. In the Senate we have Stealthypenguin93, Peaches, and Nikolay coming back. Thou
  3. Thanks for the good fight and good luck with rebuilding to all parties :)
  4. Rest in peace, you will be missed. Condolences to his family.
  5. I think the statistics file is lagging a day behind in switching aid from "approved" to "expired". For example as of this post it switches here: 505792|Caladin|Kaitain|Pax Corvus|10087|Green|539198|Gaserlake|Aralia|Green Protection Agency|10041|Green|Approved|6000000|0|0|12/6/2013 12:05:16 AM|6(60)/200(0)|3544206| 294723|waycool|Thraxland|Siberian Tiger Alliance|10011|White|438717|Lammoth|Condatis|Siberian Tiger Alliance|10011|White|Expired|6000000|0|0|12/5/2013 11:52:22 PM|6/100|3544203| Meaning the 12/6 foreign aid is not expired, but the 12/5 is. However in-game the foreign aid of
  6. If that constitutes a wall of text to you, then I've got some bad news ;)
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