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  1. I find it funny that Citadel will avoid fighting TPC, D1, WD's, TDO and Avengers or basically all of the competent alliances that can actually war because they're pretending there is a block vs block war going on. Do you really think we're all stupid and you're not only taking advantage of a situation that does not exists but you want it to exist so you can take advantage of it . If this thing you think does exist then why did you attack OP? They have as much reason as TPC and WD's to be involved or were they staying out as well? Of all the alliances, you think OP have forgotten all the times
  2. I don't support this as it diminishes any need to play with skill and organization, the moneys already there so no skill is required for using effective building methods, you could war everyone and anyone all round without having to worry about the losses. Whats stopping multiple nations/rogues from building +2k tech nuke turrets as soon as nations can declare war? It just sounds like it will be nothing but war, i know many enjoy having to apply skill and organization in TE, i myself enjoy it just as much as the war aspect. Also admin can say good bye to all of the donations, i mean whats
  3. What are you even talking about? Stay out of what exactly? Its just sounds like an excuse to build your alliance while everyone else wars. Next round, i hope some of these alliances hit Citadel just to remind them that we're all playing TE, not something you seem to think where everyone else has secret treaties and blocks going on. TDO/Avengers have only escalated this because many know what Avengers are capable of and two alliances came together early to stop them before they could roll anyone and everyone at will, i don't see any problem with this, in fact its doesn't get any more TE than th
  4. If you have evidence of these alliances holding a coalition block then show it? If not, STFU with your lies and propaganda already, just because two alliances go to war together does not mean they hold any treaties, maybe you're a noob to TE but this isn't the first time two alliances have gone to war together but keep acting like it is. If anyone has a block its Avengers and TDO, you both trade together, last round the members of AOW went to war for Avengers, your members alliance hop from TDO to Avengers and vice verse, and the biggest reason of all is that you yourself stated you hit D1/WD'
  5. You're the only person saying it was a vengeance war but in reality it was only a war to keep the playing field even. If Avengers had gotten just one more collection in, they would have rolled over the same alliances they had rolled early every round since their founding and their ability to accumulate large sums of cash reserves earlier than most is the main reason they were able too. TPC, WD's and OP can confirm this, D1 stated they pursued it to help keep the teams balanced throughout the round. This is obvious and i can get some of these alliance leaders to confirm it if you'd like, I'm su
  6. Its a weak down declare, I'm sure even Citadel know this. I'm just waiting for all those who scorned D1/WD's for adding NM with Avengers when they didn't have to fight odds this bad. I'm betting they wont say a thing because they don't want Citadel to be against them.
  7. "meh" But good luck to OP/NM/Skaro, you're going to need it. ^_^ Any pre blitz stats? I got post blitz stats OP/NM/Skaro Nations: 37 Nukes: 13 +25k NS: 0 +20-25k: 1 +15-20k: 6 +10-15k: 4 -10k: 26 Citadel Nations:22 Nukes: 31 +25k NS: 1 +20-25k: 5 +15-20k: 5 +10-15k: 9 -10k: 2
  8. Of course hes picking sides, the only reason why he scorned Alpha Wolves declaration on NDO was because he thinks they're doing DEFCON 1's bidding and he stated this. He concluded that because a couple of AW's members played a round in D1 he assumed they did what D1 told them too. Hes against anyone that's is against Avengers and he keeps supporting this with half of his forum post and his recent DoW. TA and TDO are a block. They not only trade with each other but they combine their senate votes, how does the largest black team get beaten in votes by the 3rd largest black team Avengers. I
  9. What I'd like to know is why can't Avengers keep their nations in one alliance? You only have nations in NM because at one point they were the largest alliance and i believe they still have the strongest alliance record. The top two players by nation strength that finish Tournament Round 35 in the alliance that records the Strongest Alliance award on the awards screen (strongest alliance is determined by alliance score, 10 member alliance minimum) will win an item(s) of your choosing from the Cyber Nations Merchandise Store valued $40 and under or two $30 donations applied to your (or your
  10. Take a look at the rogues trade partners, nations from both TDO and Avengers. He ended up dropping the TDO nations but little did he know we had already got intel on it before he did. Message: You have just conducted a spy operation against the nation of Spider Man. In the attack your spy efforts were successful as your spies were able to gather the following information about the nation: Desired Religion: Judaism Desired Government: Monarchy Threat Level: Low Tax Rate: 30% Number of Spies: 550 Last Nuke Purchase: 5/2/2015 2:02:46 PM Last Wonder Purchase: 5/1/2015 Total Money: $7,5
  11. Bravo Top Gear, perhaps you should be leading TDO and not the noobs pretending to be TE killers and veterans. No one has even heard of most of them and some have decided to crawl out of the woodwork with big heads because someone has taught them how to utilize temp trades.
  12. For the 20th time since you can't seem to get this through your head, i don't oppose underhanded tactics and down declares on those who use the very same tactics on others, i use to tell Paul/OP this all the time since he use to ask why wasn't i against the same BS they pulled on others but happened to them. Its what they deserve in the hopes they'll think twice about doing it again, whether they decide to rage quit over it is their decision but i can assure you, the game will go on and will be better off without their dirty tactics. TA have pulled some of the most underhanded moves I've ever
  13. The desperation to use whatever excuse they can to justify this hit on Kaboom sure is showing. If you had a problem about me getting intel from someone from AOW who didn't appreciate the lies coming from this person to cover Avengers, then he should have attacked me for recieving evidence Cazaric was lying to cover for Avengers, instead he attacks Misfit who had nothing to do with it. As for the Misfits spy rogue who was a member for 1-2 days, we came to the conclusion that it was planted there by TDO to frame myself and Misfits. So lets cut the BS and pretend the hit on Kaboom is for anyt
  14. Yourself and others from TDO are only trying to twist things to make me look bad for calling out all of your underhand attacks against others, Avengers do the same which is your only defense against some one who speaks out against it as I'm not the one unfairly rolling anyone or using immoral tactics. Your only defense is to make me look bad at any means possible and you'll fail just as Avengers did and those before them because you have no argument, only twisted lies that i will expose for what they are. Even now you're trying very hard to say that my call outs at the Avengers unfair tactics
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