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  1. Wireless isn't that expensive if you look around. Logitech G930 is wireless and reasonable value. If I was you I'd ignore all the advice and just go out and find something you like.
  2. I think comfort is as important as the sound quality. The sound in a earmuff normally shuts down because a wire disconnects at the point where the earmuff meets the cord/wire and this happens because of a repetitive pulling or twisting force. You should consider wireless and Turtle Beach make wireless headsets which if your lucky you can test at a major electronic store nearby like JB Hi Fi. I only buy Razer now for mouse/surface and keyboard to so I'm a little bias but I've never had any problems with them.
  3. Goons are probably the worst to rogue If your going to keep playing under the same name but at the same time the best to rogue If your rage quitting. You'll learn the worst way I guess Loki.
  4. The older players don't want new players getting anything they never got. My last suggestion thread proved that.
  5. What do you think this is. A candy shop? You got to do your time first. 5 years and you might have them all.
  6. Everyone is laughing at you not with you.
  7. No need to spend more than $100-$120 max for a good head set.
  8. Still I don't think he's broken any laws.
  9. Good riddance! The developer posted this to https://twitter.com/dongatory/status/432095426854912000
  10. This is how you beat Flappy Birds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gD-nzHy2DdUirds
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