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An Announcement from The Order of the Paradox


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In support of our allies in the New Polar Order, the shadow rulership of The Order of the Paradox hereby activates Article VI of the Frozen Hell Accords. A state of war now prevails between Paradoxia and the New Sith Order.
So say we all.
The Puppet Paradox Council
Centurius, Grandmaster
Ardus, Grand Chancellor
Salajol, Grand Hospitaller
The Shadow Junta
Crymson, Surreptitious Grandmaster
Saber, Covert Grand Chancellor
Feanor, Clandestine Grand Hospitaller




P.s.: We know who you are, we know who your members are. Anyone found joining your alliance during the war will need to seek individual peace.
P.p.s.: Thanks Brehon, without your amazing skills in coalition building and keeping this would have never been possible.
P.p.p.s.: Sup Steve?

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