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  1. I should reskin some 12 year old flash game and make millions off it.
  2. They've been saying this since at least WUT. I think neutrals are happy being neutral.
  3. On and on, reckless abandon Something's wrong This is gonna shock them Nothing to hold on to We'll use this song To lead you on And break the truth With more bad news We left a scar Size extra large
  4. The treaty web is just part of what maintains the power structure. The alliances on top want to stifle any political movement and want to allow everyone on their side to feel like they're on top with them. If they're in control the system is probably going to exist to benefit them. Hasn't this always been the case? An entrenched power structure has really only been overthrown once in this game, and that was more due to internal problems than anything else. I don't know if you can fix the web.
  5. Spartacus, Lawrence of Arabia, and Zulu are all good pre-ww2 war movies. Barry Lyndon and Aguirre the Wrath of God are sort of a war movies.
  6. Kingdom of Heaven sucked. What movie were you guys watching? Also Apocalypse Now and Paths of Glory.
  7. Nice post about one of the more interesting periods in CN history. Questions from someone on the sidelines: was Sponge's contingency plan for the break a self fulfilling prophecy that drove GOONS away or was GOONS likely to break away from the NPO/NpO power structure on their own? Was NPO rebuilding a power structure to challenge NpO really such a bad plan considering that NpO elements tried to set up a sympathetic leadership in NPO and had shown themselves to be a threat to NPO supremacy and even survival? Q worked for a while until it ran into the same problem WUT had of members growing strong enough to be able to go in their own directions that didn't include NPO.
  8. Tim Thomas must give you nightmares. I guess we're almost even after last year.

  9. I hate everything about your avatar.

    ~ A drunk Flyers fan

  10. Hey, is the crazy mother from Lords And Ladies in your avatar?

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