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  1. It's global stability vs. neo-imperialist moralism.
  2. You'll deserve every bit of that punishment too.
  3. Why would we bother with terms that helped or did nothing to NPO? Of course they were designed to hurt you.
  4. I should reskin some 12 year old flash game and make millions off it.
  5. Yes, because if this war has shown anything, it's that TOP is willing to force disbandment and viceroys on other alliances. Actually, that's not even close to as evil as asking 30 nations to not send aid for a little while. Why didn't you listen CN? You could have stopped the evil TOP menace that is responsible for everything wrong with the world today.
  6. It's already been brought. Also a real cocky challenge to put in a thread you made to complain that we won't let you off the hook.
  7. Fair enough, but there's no rule that says we have to believe you when you call them bank nations either.
  8. TOP doesn't accept applications during wartime
  9. This thread has too much to do with Rotavele.
  10. Basically because they were a leader, even if they failed.
  11. This war must be getting really boring. We need something actually interesting to argue over.
  12. That's pretty sneaky, getting in a PM dig when more of your alliance is using it than we are.
  13. Can you post your war guide too? I want to see why you guys don't have navies or air forces.
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